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 Dragon Shard

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Gil: 500
Home World: Spira
Maximum AP: 1000

PostSubject: Dragon Shard   September 30th 2010, 5:39 pm

Name: Dragon Shard
Type: Ninjato/Sword
Element: Non-Elemental (Draconic Resonance)

Reforged Will: This is the Sword that was Broken and as such it is stronger than what it once was. A successful strike with the blade adds light Draconic energy (Non-elemental) to the physical damage that is dealt along with inflicting a 10% weakness towards Non-Elemental energy that lasts for 3 posts.

Dragon's Soul: The sword is less a separate weapon and more an extension of Tiraleen's awareness and magic. As such all Enchantments and related abilities require the resonance of Tiraleen's draconic essence. While Dragon Shard can be stolen and used, in anyone's hands but Tiraleen's (or another character with Dragon-themed magic) it is simply a mundane weapon.

Long/Short range: Short to mid range. It's a sword and can't exactly be thrown with any efficiency.

World: Spira/Vana'diel

Description: A Ninjato resembles the larger Katana in that it is a single-edged weapon with a chisel point, but while the Katana is known for the visible curve to the blade, a Ninjato is straight-spined and noticeably shorter, as long as the Wakizashi perhaps. The blade itself, disregarding the handle, is about two and a half feet long. The handle is cord-wrapped around a full tang (that part of the sword that is not blade and to which the handle is attached). The cord wrappings themselves are white, with silver and jade dragons set underneath an outermost layer of blue-green cord to match the color of draconic magic. The square tsuba, a hallmark of the Ninjato, is silver like the blade and is in the shape of a twisting dragon.

History: "Seek for the Sword that was Broken, reforged in the power of the Dragon's Will. Seek for the daughter reborn, a clay-soft soul tempered strong as steel. Reclaimed from the Shadow, her wings will spread out. Seek for the Sword that was Broken, she is our only hope."

Silverdrake was shattered.

The dragon-sword that was as much her Sensei's Legacy as the book that carried his soul, or at least a connection to that soul, Silverdrake was so much more than simply another weapon. Tiraleen received the sword when she completed her initial training, when she set out on her journey, and in many ways that sword was an extension of how she viewed herself. She was her Sensei's vengeance on the Scion who broke his honor and ultimately killed him.

She was the Silver Dragon that Gilgamesh had warned Sephiroth was coming in his place.

But someone, or some thing, found Tiraleen on her single-minded quest to resurrect her Sensei and left her as broken and splintered as her sword. Through the intervention of those who loved her, Tiraleen's unresponsive body and the shards of her weapon were carried to Vana'diel where they each found restoration in a new form.

Tiraleen is no longer the warrior that she once was, and neither is her sword.

Still formed of the same unknown silver-colored metal that could even be reformed dragon scales for all anyone knows, the former longsword is now a ninjato much like the former Rune Knight has found a new calling as a Ninja.

Name: Strengthened Will
Description: No alteration has been made to the sword itself.
Improvements: Reforged Will has been upgraded to inflict 20% weakness to the Dragon Element for 3 posts.
Drawbacks: Tiraleen takes a 10% weakness to her own Element (Non-Elemental) for 3 posts as well.
Enchantment: Yes
Note: Both Elemental Weaknesses (on the target and on Tira) stack to a max of 3 strikes per player-controlled (Main, Party Member, Summon, or Pet) target while the duration lasts.

Name: Reinforced Sheath
Description: The simple lacquered bamboo sheath that carries Dragon Shard, with a cord wrapping on the end to attach it to a belt, has been altered with thin rods of the same silvery metal that makes up Dragon Shard's blade. It gleams silver and blue-green in the light.
Improvements: The Sheath may be used as an off-hand weapon and defensive device of the same strength as the blade itself, though it does bludgeoning-type damage rather than the slashing style of the blade.
Drawbacks: When using the Sheath in her off-hand, Tira may not equip another weapon for dual-wielding purposes. She can, though, put up the Sheath for a post in order to utilize another weapon before using the Sheath again, in which case she is without the benefits of the Sheath until she is again wielding it.
Enchantment: When she successfully blocks a strike with the Sheath, a burst of Draconic (Non-Elemental) energy, Light strength or Base Magical (Tier 1), explodes to strike her opponent.

Name: Sheathed Will
Description: No alteration has been made to the Sheath physically.
Improvements: The Reinforced Sheath takes on the qualities of Strengthened Will, which means that when Tira successfully blocks a strike with the Sheath, the burst of Draconic (Non-Elemental) energy which results also causes her opponent to take a 20% Weakness to Non-Elemental Damage for a duration of 3 posts. This Elemental Weakness stacks with subsequent blocks.
Drawbacks: Each time Tira successfully blocks with the Sheath, she takes a 10% Weakness to Dragon for a duration of 3 posts.
Enchantment: Yes
Note: Both Elemental Weaknesses (on the target and on Tira) stack to a max of 3 blocks per player-controlled (Main, Party Member, Summon, or Pet) target while the duration lasts.


Level Group 100 -- Also answers to Grizz or Tira
High Summoner of Spira

"So, this is my life now, we travel from place to place and the days just seem to fly by... But sometimes, I find myself stopping... I'm listening for your whistle."
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Maximum AP: 2000

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Shard   October 1st 2010, 1:55 am

Approved due to carry over.


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Dragon Shard
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