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 Mairi's Wok

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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Spira
Maximum AP: 1000

PostSubject: Mairi's Wok   September 30th 2010, 5:46 pm

Name: Wok

Type: Frying Pan (Racket)

Element: Non-Elemental

Effect: This weapon can be used to attack in one of two ways. The base of the pan can be used to hit someone for a melee strike at short range, in which case the strength of the attack is determined by the physical strength of the attacker, or the pan can be used to "scoop" magical energy and fling it at the opponent in a manner very similar to the Rackets of Gaia that are used by Mages. In that case the strength of the attack is determined by the magical strength of the attacker, so Mages and other "caster" types tend to prefer to use this from a distance since their magical ability usually far outstrips their physical. This particular Wok is aligned to the Non-Elemental Energies and the blast of magic is tinted blue-white in color.

Long/Short range: Both, see above.

Description: This is a wok, an oriental frying pan, of sorts. It has a single handle that is a metal rod encased by wood attached to the side of the bowl which is black on the outside and silver on the inside. Along the rim on the outside of the bowl silver flowers are inscribed curving around and the round base of the bowl has the large image of a dogwood bloom right where it can imprint itself on the side of the head of any fool that the wielder chooses to hit with it.

History: Mairi-chan loves to cook. Whether it be cookies or something a bit more unusual, she loves the whole process of food-preparation. A wandering peddler who claimed to be of the Skillet School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts, as taught by the great Master Ukiyo, saw the little girl and gave her this wok in the hopes that she could learn to use it to its full potential. Mairi-chan, being a little girl of course, never thought of it as being a "weapon", but it quickly became her favorite "toy". Especially when she realized that she could use it to help Cuddles "play" with someone.


Level Group 100 -- Also answers to Grizz or Tira
High Summoner of Spira

"So, this is my life now, we travel from place to place and the days just seem to fly by... But sometimes, I find myself stopping... I'm listening for your whistle."
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Gaia
Maximum AP: 2000

PostSubject: Re: Mairi's Wok   October 1st 2010, 1:55 am

Approved due to carry over.


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Mairi's Wok
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