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 Timmain Wolfmother

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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Spira
Maximum AP: 1000

PostSubject: Timmain Wolfmother   September 30th 2010, 6:10 pm

Name: The Wolfmother (Timmain)


(When combat-enabled Timmain can attack with fangs, claws, or any other aspects of her body that she wishes.)
Normal: Self-Shaping Timmain is a Self-Shaper, which means that she is able to alter her body as easily as a potter would shape clay. She can take any form she wishes, alter any part of her body as she wills. Her body is all the changeable clothing she needs.
Magic: Song of Ancient Sending She forms a telepathic connection with her target that causes the target to be overwhelmed by images of the sheer immensity of time and space as well as the timelessness of a Wolf's consciousness. This attack causes mental strain from the images that leaves the target shaken and unnerved, as well as causing Moderate Non-Elemental damage.
Extreme: Matriarch of the Tribe She raises her voice in a wolf howl and is answered by a chorus of howls. A wolf pack with Lilty-sized elfin riders armed with swords and spears rides through to swarm attack her target and then ride off, causing Heavy damage that is mixed Non-Elemental and Holy Elemental.

300 MP
World: Spira

: The Wolfmother has three forms that she usually chooses to take depending on her needs. One is that of an ethereal elfin Woman with golden amber eyes and long silver-white hair that flows to the floor. In that form she customarily feels no need for other clothing, though she sometimes wears a simple gown woven of crystalline strands that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Another is that of a great white Wolf, as tall at the shoulder as a small adult. The third form is a blend of the two, the powerful WolfWoman who has claws and fangs as well as magic to call to defend her children.

Of the three forms, the Wolf form is not usually combat-enabled and thus is her default form. She is bound in that form unless she is Summoned into battle by the energy of the one she has chosen as her child. When she is Summoned she draws upon the magic within her child to enable her to change her form so that she can join in the battle.

As a note: Timmain is telepathic in any form and can speak with people even when she is a Wolf.


: Timmain's people once roamed the stars in a vessel formed of the very soil of their exhausted planet. She was their Memory, remembering where they had been so that they could chart the path forward. After thousands and thousands of years that vessel came to a rest on a tiny two-mooned world where Timmain chose to remain in the form of a Wolf. While in this form she found Tiraleen on a strange world, broken and shattered and in dire need of a protector. She chose to bind herself to the remnant of a warrior girl because this child needed her more than she needed freedom.


Level Group 100 -- Also answers to Grizz or Tira
High Summoner of Spira

"So, this is my life now, we travel from place to place and the days just seem to fly by... But sometimes, I find myself stopping... I'm listening for your whistle."
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Gaia
Maximum AP: 2000

PostSubject: Re: Timmain Wolfmother   October 1st 2010, 1:55 am

Approved due to carry over.


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Max AP 2000
Level Group 200
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Timmain Wolfmother
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