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 Grand Vidonia -Tifa

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PostSubject: Grand Vidonia -Tifa   October 4th 2010, 10:05 pm

Name: Grand Vidonia

Type: Spear

Element: Plant/Earth

Effect: When thrown the spear can unravel and open into a large vine net, with a radius of 15 feet. The net is covered with a natural adhesive like substance, which can halter an opponentís movement. The net is stronger than natural vines, and can regenerate when broken, cut or damaged.

Long/Short range: Long range

World: Midgar

History: Tifa sat watching her friend Sophia practicing with her spear one day and grew fascinated with the art. She began asking more and more questions about how it worked, how she handled it and so on. Sophia taught her the basics, and although not her natural fighting style Tifa picked it up quickly. Sophia noted that Tifa lacked her accuracy when attempting to hit a specific target and went in search of something to help her friendís progress. After a while Sophia returned with an odd looking spear, its shaft being made entirely from twisted vines and presented it to Tifa. Sophia taught Tifa to throw this new spear in a different way, not aiming directly at her target, but slightly above it. At first Tifa was puzzled by this concept, but trusted her friendís tutelage and learned the technique to the best of her ability. Once Sophia felt that Tifa was ready to use the spear as it was intended to be used, she showed her how to complete the move and unleash the net to capture her target.


Pic drawn by Kindred Ė age 37 and a half.
((you can squish me later >.>))
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PostSubject: Re: Grand Vidonia -Tifa   October 4th 2010, 10:41 pm



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Grand Vidonia -Tifa
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