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 Meteor Rush -Tifa

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PostSubject: Meteor Rush -Tifa   October 4th 2010, 10:06 pm

Name: Meteor Rush

Description: Tifa readies herself in a fighting stance, as her body builds up energy. She then jumps slightly into the air and lands with her left foot first, making sure she stomps the ground hard as a large boulder like rock shoots up from the ground. Tifa then punches the rock hard, transferring some electricity to the rock and causing it to be sent off flying towards the enemy. She repeats this process two more times, landing on the opposite foot each time, for a total of three hits. Afterwards Tifa relaxes her muscles and sighs in relief. The rocks are about 3 to 4 feet in size, and are pretty much of the same basic composure of whatever earth it is she is around.

Cost: 50 mp (Will raise if asked)

Class: Offensive

Element: Earth/Lightning

Range: Mid range as the rocks do not keep moving for too long. About 30 feet before they drop.

Duration: 1 post duration

Effect: Although explained in description, the spell causes 3 separate boulder like rocks to pop out of the ground and sent flying towards an opponent, causing tier 1 (LOW) earth damage and slight lightning damage when hit.

Mage?: No

World: Midgar

History: Tifa had been having some trouble in battle, it seemed she was limited to her moves and found it necessary to expand her range of techniques. Looking at the ground she stood upon, she stomped the barren ground in frustration, unknowingly causing the earth to raise slightly from her strength. Surprised, she once again stomped the ground, although this time with gathered energy and a small jump. The ground shook slightly as a large chunk of rock and rubble lifted from the ground, and later plopped back towards the ground. With a snap of her fingers, Tifa smiled and eagerly went to work on finding a way to control the earth and possibly send those large chunks of rock as projectiles towards her enemies. Seeing as earth would always be in supply she would always have a source to draw upon. She perfected her technique and added in a slight charge of electricity with each consecutive punch. With her new move finished and polished she gave it the name of Meteor Rush and happily rushed off to try it out
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PostSubject: Re: Meteor Rush -Tifa   October 4th 2010, 10:44 pm



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Meteor Rush -Tifa
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