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 Tasane Sumu -Tifa

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PostSubject: Tasane Sumu -Tifa   October 4th 2010, 10:08 pm

Name: Tasane Sumu

Type: Water/Wind


Mist Blanket- Tasane Captures Tifa in an embrace, which surrounds her with mist, causing attacks to go through her. (She cannot attack or use spells during the turn this is used.) (Lasts 1 post)

Mystify- Causes the area to be covered in mist, lowering vision and accuracy. (Lasts 4 posts)

Swirling Force- Causes Tasane to create a large compressed swirling sphere of mist above her head, which explodes and expands when hitting the opponent, the mist then rapidly fades away. Causes tier 1 water and wind damage, along with the physical damage of the hit.

Cost: 50mp

World: Midgar


Mist Blanket- Tasane begins to expel a thin layer of mist as her body glows with a white outline. Gliding over towards Tifa, she opens her arms wide and captures her in an embrace as she too begins to glow brightly. The mist surrounds her entire body and the two stand silent, keeping in this embrace for the remainder of the spell. Once the spell is used, Tasane releases Tifa, and both the glow and the mist disperse and disappear.

Mystify- Tasane begins to float high, as she folds her hands together in a sort of praying gesture. Opening her arms wide once more, she takes a deep breath, as the air around the area begins to slowly move in a spiral. Exhaling, the air settles and the area slowly begins to fog up, covered in a thick mist the likes of which makes it difficult to keep sight of a target or the environment all around. After the initial prayer, Tasane is free to move about and is the only unaided individual who is free to see past the mist. After the 4 posts, the mist clears rapidly and all vision is returned to its clear state.

Swirling Force- Raising her arms above her head, Tasane slowly begins to swirl the air around her, as mist expels from her body. Slowly gathering within the palms of her hands they form a rather large ball of mist, the likes of which are white and with signs of rotating air within. Moving her hands together closer, she compresses the ball of mist into a smaller sphere, about 2 and a half feet wide. The air rotating within the sphere in this form rotates ever faster and once an opponent is hit, the mist expands and disperses quickly as a sudden gust of air is blown around the immediate area of the opponent.


History: Tasane took pride in her rising powers. Maybe too much pride. During her trials of improving her skills in magic, she heard of a great water beast that was near impossible to kill. Perhaps it was because no one had defeated it yet, but Tasane firmly believed nothing was indestructible and set out to prove such and prove herself as a magic wielder.

Upon a great cliff overlooking the great span of the largest ocean, she beckoned the beast to come for her. The great Leviathan answered her call and great battle raged on. Even when taking such a beating from the massive creature, Tasane never gave up. During the last moments of the raging fight, when both were nearly spent, Tasane gathered what last remained of her powers into one final spell. If she were to die, she would die taking down this creature for all to know that it could be done once and for all and her name live on forever.

Yet Tasane didn't die. The spell itself did indeed take down the creature, yet Leviathan itself also expelled one last attack of its own before it fell. When both spells combined, it then transformed Tasane's existence into a mist form where she continued to carry out her life to this day. Some years later, when Tasane came upon the cliff again to reflect over her fate from that very battle, it was there she observed a young woman below in the shallow waters taking on multiple water fiends to protect the children accompanying her. Tasane simply watched for some time, never really caring to intervene among the living anymore until she watched the individual not once back down and fight beyond her limitations to protect those she cared for.

It was then Tasane realized what was most important in life. Not to make a name for oneself. Not to take on challenges to make oneself better than others. It was to do for those you loved and cared for like the woman below was doing. Seeing this, Tasane couldn't bare to see this woman suffer the same fate she herself did when fighting the great Leviathan. So she appeared beside Tifa immediately and helped in every way to defeat the fiends, and in result, a new friendship was formed for life. Tifa herself never imagined having a summons in her possession. She felt a little awkward over the situation, not wanting to feel like she controlled someone or something, but Marlene and Denzel fell instantly in love with Tasane and she with them.

So with a sigh and a smile, Tifa agreed to the arrangement, but insisted that it be kept as a friendship so Tasane could choose for herself if she ever wanted to help Tifa in battle, rather than feel she was forced into one.
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PostSubject: Re: Tasane Sumu -Tifa   October 4th 2010, 10:44 pm



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Tasane Sumu -Tifa
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