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 Elisud's First Summon; Tonia the Tonberry

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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Paramecia
Maximum AP:

PostSubject: Elisud's First Summon; Tonia the Tonberry   October 7th 2010, 2:58 am

Name: Tonia [The name of the summon is unknown, it's just been called "Tonia" for the sake of simplicity (and because it's a Tonberry)]

AP/MPCost: 100 MP / AP

Element: Omni-Elemental / Non-Elemental (See attacks to see why)


DOINK! - Tonia charges spite through its chef's knife, slowly building power within the blade until finally unleashing Tonberry-Fury upon her target. This attack does variable physical damage based on the amount of spite Tonia has infused her blade with. *It should be noted that while charging DOINK! Tonia cannot do anything other than slowly walk toward her target.

Every post/turn of charge empowers DOINK by 50%. However, if Tonia is attacked while charging the power of spite doubles for that post of charge. So;

1 post of charge gives an attack that does 1.5xDamage
2 posts of charge gives an attack that does 2.0xDamage
3 posts of charge gives an attack that does 2.5xDamage etc.

Karma (Everyone's Grudge) - Karma is a spell with a 'power' based on the amount of 'evil' someone has performed in their life. From acts of violence of one individual against another to the most minuscule malicious thoughts a person can have for even a fraction of a second. As a result of this, people with more 'experience' will suffer far greater damage from this spell than people who have less experience.

For targets of 299 points and under, this spell can be related to a 10 MP spell and does basic level damage.

For targets of 300 - 499 points, this spell can be related to a 30 MP spell and does spell damage equal to an average -ara spell.

For targets of 500 - 649 points, this spell can be related to a 50 MP spell and does spell heavy damage.

For targets of 750+ points this spell can be related to a 80 MP spell and does massive damage.

Elemental Lantern - Once per 5 posts, Tonia may light her Elemental Lantern or change the colour of the flame within it. Doing so will change the element of Tonia's affiliation. When there is no flame, Tonia remains a Non-Elemental Summon.

Black Flame - Darkness/Death
White Flame - Light/Holy

Red Flame - Fire
Cyan Flame - Ice
Green Flame - Wind
Brown Flame - Earth
Yellow Flame - Lightning
Blue Flame - Water.



Brief History:

Supposedly, Tonia is the spirit of a creature from a parallel time-line that somehow, accidental stumbled into this dimension upon the birth of Elipidius Elisud Herceg II. She has come (along with at least one other unnamed summon) to contract with Eli and prevent his degradation to 'Vitiate', the unmoral one. The circumstances of her dimensional transfer are ludicrous at best with no real explanation given to why Eli was chosen as this 'Vitiate' nor how exactly the interface worked. When asked about it by her summoner, Tonia responds in excited warble noises and points to various fish with her chef's knife.

During his 20 yrs. with Tonia as his summon, Eli has deciphered little from her warbling noises. She (Tonia) claims to be originally from Balamb (in her dimension), in her dimension, Squall Leonheart slaughtered her people (the Tonberry) during his search for the Tonberry King. For this reason Tonia despises the Leonhearts and all their affiliates. The only other thing Eli managed to decipher from his summon was that she has a craving to drunkenly slaughter fish....
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Rinoa Heartilly


Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Balamb
Maximum AP: 2500

PostSubject: Re: Elisud's First Summon; Tonia the Tonberry   October 7th 2010, 6:41 am





Just haaaaaaad to carry over the Leonhart grudge thing.... didn't you >> *le sigh*

Carry over Approved


Siggy courtesy of Fang!

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Elisud's First Summon; Tonia the Tonberry
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