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PostSubject: Tri-Disaster   October 20th 2010, 7:49 pm

Name: Tri-Disaster

Type: Fire, Ice and Thunder


Elemental Ray: Tri-Disaster starts charging a beam of light that can be of the red, blue or yellow color, depending on the element that the creature is going to use. When the beam is ready, Tri-Disaster can launch a set of lightings to the enemy, a breath of ice to freeze or a pack of flames with the intention of creating burns. Yet it cannot be used freely. There is a sequence that the summon must take in consideration. For example, if Tri-Disaster starts with the fire element, the next attack must be of the ice element and then the thunder element, returning to the fire from there. It must do that sequence or the attack will not work, and it cannot be used against any object just to change the element. Each one of them does an equal amount of damage as a Tier 2 spell.

Windy Wings: Tri-Disaster starts moving it's wings in order to create a mass of wind in front of itself. The wind is then sent at high speed to the enemy. The attack is hard to avoid, but it hardly does any damage Instead, it has the porpuse of stopping any attacks that the enemy might be trying to do, and i the enemy is weak (normal NPC), it pushes them out of the battlefield.

Tri-Blaser: The Tri-Blaser consists in a big beam that is charged in the center of Tri-Disaster's body, and hen its finally charged, a big storm of fire, ice and thunder is unleashed towards all the people that are in the way, and that can include the summoner. This attack is powerful, yet it can be blocked if someone has inmunity against this three elements. Otherwise, the only chance to not receive the damage is by hiding somewhere safe or get out of the attack's range. Tri-Disaster must leave the battle at the next post after making the attack. If someone has immunity against one of the three elements, he will receive 2/3 of the damage, and if the person has immunity against two of them, he will receive 1/3, yet no one can avoid damage. The three elements are of high leve, and the damage they do separately are equal to theone that a Tier 3 spell would do.

Cost: 340 MP

Description-- Kinda made the description above...


The bird.

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Rinoa Heartilly


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PostSubject: Re: Tri-Disaster   October 20th 2010, 10:16 pm

On the Element Ray, I can't remember exactly how you used it in RP, but did this summons use all three elemental attacks in one post? I'm pretty sure that's how it worked, but can you verify that in the attack so everyone else is sure.

OH! And the damage amount for those as well, please?

Windy wings... I need a little more detail on that one hun. Like specify exactly what one could do or not do. That's pretty vague so you'll want to be more descriptive there. And is that just for one post? Or more?

For the third attack, is that normal low level ((damage)) elements all combined together that make it powerful? Or all three high level ((damage)) elements used together?


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PostSubject: Re: Tri-Disaster   October 21st 2010, 4:15 pm

Ok, edited a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Tri-Disaster   

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