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 Unlimited Ifrit

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PostSubject: Unlimited Ifrit   October 20th 2010, 7:54 pm

Name: Unlimited Ifrit

Type: Fire


Beam of Destruction

Sword of Dancing Flames

Rage of Ifrit

Cost: 500 MP.


Physical: Ifrit is completely different of how it was in different worlds (games). Now, his appearence seems to be more similar to a human than a creature of rage. Ifrit is completely surrounded by a red and yellow armor, making imposible for the people around to see how he really looks like. His armor has many thorns and such things, which can make the enemy to hurt himself while attacking. He also weards a little helmet that doesn't even let his eyes to come at surface. For what one can see in the little holes of his armor, it seems that his real skin color is black, and is not know if what he have on his hands are back guantlets or they are simply his hands.

Beam of Destruction: The beam of destruction is created by Ifrit's energy being focused in both of his hands, which he later unite to create a big sphere of elemental energy, which can be non elemental and fire elemental. This energy has a round form, and is easy to control. It can be thrown away like a proyectile or it can be used to punch an enemy. It can also come in different sizes, yet while bigger is its size, bigger is the loading time. The damage doesn't increases in the same way as the sphere does; Instead, its damage is increased by 0,5 in each time it increases. He can move freely while charging, but his attacks will be limited to punching and kicking.

The normal size if this attack, considering Ifrit's size, is about of 2 meters long.

Size x2: 1 post.

Size x3: 2 posts.

Size x4: 3 posts.

Size x5: 5 posts.

It can only arrive at five.

Sword of Dancing Flames: Ifrit begins to charge energy on both of his hands, but instead of creating an elemental sphere, the energy takes the form of a big sword that Ifrit can use in combat. The sword can be used to cut enemies or to deal fire damage to them, and can be used as a weapon of great destruction against things that are hard to break, and he can easily handle it with speed against different enemies. The sword is about 6 meters long, considering how tall is Ifrit, yet their only ability is to attack physicaly, not to make any explosions ir such things.

Rage of Ifrit: Ifrit focus all his energy in his body, and an aura of pure fire starts surrounding him. He then charged with all his body and one of his hands in the front against the enemy or the group of enemies, creating a giant explosion of fire element and non elemental damage. The explosion can arrive at a range of 30 meters around, yet while far is one from it, less damage he receives. The charging time is of less than a single post, but it come with the drawback that, once this is performed, the summon must retreat from battle and cannot be summoned again.


History: Ifrit, along with everyone of Kaze's summons, was received by Kaze in the form of Soul Bullets, which would be used to summon him any time his master wanted. There is a big difference from him and his other Soil brothers, and it is that he has fought in greatest battles than the others. Phoenix fought against a giant yet weak monster, and Shiva freeze a pair of plants, yet he fought personally against a part of the overpowered Omega (his hand). Omega was a giant creature that roamed around Wonderland, destroying everything on its path. He was divided in many parts, yet this parts continued their way of destruction.

Ifrit managed to defeat the hand of Omega by using all his rage into a final blow. This was one of the last times that Ifrit was seen in battle, yet after Kaze recovered his Soil bullets, he was once more able to be summoned by the chosen one of the Demon Gun.

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Rinoa Heartilly


Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Balamb
Maximum AP: 2500

PostSubject: Re: Unlimited Ifrit   October 20th 2010, 9:37 pm

Okay Kazey, same with Shiva... and your paying 500 for this O.O I seriously believe that this summons should "not" have these drawbacks for what you are paying. It's only fair! ^^

So I don't believe that Ifrit should have the charge drawback in the first attack, NOR should have to be slower by using a fire sword that would be natural for one of his size to wield easily anyway.

Now in this second attack, you may want to be a little more descriptive as to the damage each charge would bring it to. I know you stated 0.5, but what would be the base damage amount for one to take into consideration in order to know what each of the rising charge amounts would be?

Another thing I've noticed with your summons. You're stating they leave the battle after the last attack, should they use it. Were you aware that summons can stay in battle with you indefinitely unless you dismiss them on purpose, or they are defeated by a foe?

Just don't want you adding more of a drawback to these summons that isn't even required, hun ^^


Siggy courtesy of Fang!

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Level 200
2000 MP/AP
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PostSubject: Re: Unlimited Ifrit   October 20th 2010, 9:40 pm

Ok, in short I'll edit the things you said.

But I'll explaining the "Summon Leaving" thingy...

I just follow the old-FF pattern. Summons were called to make a simple attack, and then they were gone. Same in FF Unlimited. Yet, by adding that drawback to the attack, I'm making it even more stronger than it is.

You could call it a "Finisher" or a "Fatality" if you like XD.
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Rinoa Heartilly


Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Balamb
Maximum AP: 2500

PostSubject: Re: Unlimited Ifrit   October 20th 2010, 9:55 pm

Sorry I'm taking so long with these XD My computer was lagging really bad >>

I kind of figured that's what you were doing with the "dismissing", but I just wanted to be sure Kaze ^^

And people BETTER take this sucker seriously! O.O He's one powerful summons! If you're happy as is, so am I now ^^



Siggy courtesy of Fang!

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Level 200
2000 MP/AP
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PostSubject: Re: Unlimited Ifrit   

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Unlimited Ifrit
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