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Music is but a thought--a voice that cannot speak, yet refuses to remain silent. This is Final Fantasy. Can you hear it? It comes from the Shadows--A Requiem.
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 Fenrir's Favored

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Raven Voron

Raven Voron

PostSubject: Fenrir's Favored   October 21st 2010, 9:43 pm

Name: Fenrir's Favored

AP Cost: 60

Requirements: To enter Fenrir's Favored, Emile has to have taken a lot of damage from fighting. In addition to the damage, he must also go into a rage in which he no longer controls anything he does.

Description: Emile goes crazy. He begins to tear his armor off and his body begins to contort. His wounds begin to heal and he no longer needs the suit to keep him alive. His eyes become slit and he begins to grow fur all over his body. His face begins to elongate and his legs begin to snap backwards. He grows claws on his hands and feet and his overall body size doubles.

Good qualities: Emile's strength and speed double from normal and he can track by sent. He can also see in the dark. The transformation also heals small wounds that he received before the form.

Bad qualities: During the transformation, Emile is completly deffensless. When he fully transforms, he is frenzied and he does not worry about deffense and any damage that he takes while in form stays after he changes back.

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Gil: 500
Home World: Gaia
Maximum AP: 2000

PostSubject: Re: Fenrir's Favored   October 21st 2010, 10:22 pm



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Fenrir's Favored
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