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 XM-526 Combat Drone: "Skoll"

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Raven Voron


PostSubject: XM-526 Combat Drone: "Skoll"   October 27th 2010, 7:54 pm

Name: XM-526 combat drone

AP/MPCost: 40 mp

Element: Earth

Attacks: The XM-526 is armed with one M134 Vulcan minigun. This chain-fed, multi-barreled machine gun has a high rate of fire (5 shots per post) but over-heats easily and must wait 1 post before being fired again. It does 25% of tier 1 damage with each bullet that hits its target.

The combat drone is also armed with one X-99 hellfire missile launcher. The launcher locks on to a target's magical aurora (chosen by the operator) and fires a missile that does tier 1 damage when it detonates. The wieght of the missile means that it takes two posts to reload before it can be fired again.

These weapons cannot be fired at the same time because the drone uses two separate targeting systems for each weapon.

Description: The XM-526 is a quadraped, heavey armored combat drone developed by PSI-COM for use by DEVGRU in heavy combat scenarios. Each one is operated by a single soldier through an intricate combat computer system or CCS. The CCS allows even none magic using operators to use the XM-526.

Each XM-526 has a custom paint job to identify in the field between multiple models being used by multiple operators. Each one has heavy armor on the front two legs that protect it from most attacks, but the rear and under belly of it is extremly vulnerable. The XM-526 also sports a 360 degree swivel mounted head that houses its weapons and targeting systems. This allows it to engage threats in all directions. If the XM-526 needs to move quicker, it deploys wheels on each of its feet to move at optimum speed.

Emile's personal XM-526 is called Skoll and is painted white. It is the drone used for all of wolfpack's operations.


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PostSubject: Re: XM-526 Combat Drone: "Skoll"   October 27th 2010, 8:15 pm



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XM-526 Combat Drone: "Skoll"
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