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 SPELL LIST and Building a Spell

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PostSubject: SPELL LIST and Building a Spell   October 27th 2010, 10:13 pm

Building a Spell for Final Fantasy: Requiem

Spells can be fun and flashy parts of a battle.

But the hardest parts of building them can be the MP Cost and the Effect, and making sure that neither is overpowered or godmoddy. Of course, the OTHER side of the coin, making things underpowered, can be just as troublesome as it has a tendency to cause all kinds of conflict between players. (They got what for that? When my blah only does this for twice that?)

Yeah, not fun.

To clarify and to standardize, somewhat, the building of spells and spell-like effects, here are the guidelines.

Damage is generally described in terms of Tier. This is purposefully vague in nature because we don't use an actual numerical system for HP. Tier 1 Damage from a Mage Class is going to be stronger than Tier 1 Damage from a Melee class, unless the spell is specifically written as a Weapon Skill. However, the actual strength of any given Tier of damage grows with Post Count. Tier 1 Damage at 100 posts is going to be much weaker than Tier 1 Damage at 300 Posts, but not as strong as Tier 2 at 300 posts. Going up in the Tier levels has an exponential effect on the strength.

Tier 2 is always twice as strong as Tier 1. Tier 3 is always twice as strong as Tier 2.

Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Water/etc are all Tier 1 Elemental Attack spells. Cure is Tier 1 Healing. Tier 1 spells are 10 MP. The beginning character can cast spells of Tier 1 strength ONLY.

Fira/Blizzara/Thundara/Watera/etc are Tier 2 (Ara) Elemental Attack spells. Cura is Tier 2 Healing. Tier 2 spells are 30 MP. A character may begin to cast spells of Tier 2 strength at 300 points.

Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga/Wateraga/etc are Tier 3 (Aga) Elemental Attack spells. Curaga is Tier 3 Healing. Tier 3 spells are 60 MP each. A character may begin to cast spells of Tier 3 strength at 500 points.

Base cost for Status Effect Spells are going to vary depending on the type of Status Effect inflicted. The Canon Spell list is the standard by which all other spells are judged. Boosting a single stat by 50% is generally going to start at 30 MP for 3 posts, boosting two stats by 50% for 3 posts is going to be 40 MP to start. More creative effects will be compared to the closest approximation we can find on the list.

Base Tier Spells are presumed to be Single Target Only. If you wish to make a spell Multi-Target or Area Effect, then MP Cost increases by 10 MP.

Base Tier Spells are presumed to be dodge-able. Making a spell "Tracking", which means that the spell will redirect to follow the target so that dodging is disabled, increases MP Cost by 10 MP.

Increasing the Duration of a Status Effect by one level also adds 10 MP to the cost. Note: the maximum duration allowed for ANY Status Effect is seven (7) posts from the time of casting.

Any spell stronger than Tier 3 is considered Tier 4 (Ja) or Named. Named Spells include Flare, Meteor, Holy (the Ultimate version), and the like. Named Spells sometimes require that the caster have an Elemental Summon of that Element in order to even apply for the spell, as well as having the 500 points needed to unlock Tier 3 damage.

Summon Monsters, if they require sufficient MP for summoning to justify the ability, can use Spell-like Attacks of Tier 4 strength.

Higher than that is not allowed.

"Sword" Spells, or Weapon Skills

"Sword" Spells, also called Weapon Skills, can only be used by Martial classed characters and they are of equal strength to a Mage casting a similar spell normally. For example, a Rune Knight casting Fire Sword (also called Flametongue for the Tier 3) would have the same damage effect of a Mage casting Fire. A Sword does not need to be the weapon utilized for the attack, but a weapon MUST be used.

Most of the "Sword" Spells are Tier 3 and thus limited to those Players who have 500 or more posts. If a player wishes to build a Custom "Sword" spell of lesser strength, they may do so, but it must use a different name and must be built within the Custom Spell Template.

The Canon Spell List

Unless otherwise stated, these spells are presumed to be Single-Target and Dodge-able/Block-able.

All Fire spells by tier in alphabetical order.

Then all Ice spells by tier in alphabetical order.

Then all Wind spells by tier in alphabetical order.

Then all Earth spells by tier in alphabetical order.

Then all Lightning spells by tier in alphabetical order.

Then all Water spells by tier in alphabetical order.

Then all Holy/Light spells by tier in alphabetical order.

Then all Darkness spells by tier in alphabetical order.

Then all Non-Element spells by tier in alphabetical order

and finally all Status spells by tier in alphabetical order.

And here it is again --

Click each spoiler tag to see the full list of spells for that element.

Fire Element Spells


Ice Element Spells


Wind Element Spells


Earth Element Spells


Lightning Element Spells


Water Element Spells


Holy / Light Element Spells


Death / Darkness Element Spells


Non-Element Spells


Status Inducing Spells


Comparing Magical Strength

Some people have this idea that all spells are the same. Tier 1 is Tier 1 is Tier 1, at least when facing each other. Some seem to think that just because you put more MP into a spell you're going to get a bigger bang then someone who pays less.

While this may be true in terms of MP cost (10 MP is 10 MP is 10 MP) and the higher Tiers DO cost more than lower ones, let's be serious here and not overlook the fact that a spell is VERY different depending on who is doing the casting.

Your average Martial Class, personified here by The Knight, casts a Fire Spell that looks about like this:

Pretty fail, huh? Your average Mage Class, personified here by The Mage, casts a Fire Spell that looks about like this:

Not quite so fail. Now should The Knight choose to utilize one of the Skills, as opposed to the true Spells, then his Fire Sword would look like The Mage's Fire Spell in terms of relative strength.

Now, let's say that The Mage decides to go comparing the size of his Fire to that of a Fire cast by a Summoned Creature, personified here by The Shokanjuu (a fancy word for Summon Monster). He's about to be in for a surprise. See, while The Mage can smirk at The Knight most of the time in magical prowess, The Shokanjuu singes his eyebrows with a Fire that looks like this:

And ALL that is for the SAME 10 MP value and presumes that The Shokanjuu was summoned by an Evoker character of the same Level as The Mage. If the Mage had summoned The Shokanjuu himself and then compared spells, the result would be more like this:

More will be said about Summoning in their section, but this should be sufficient.

((Thanks goes to Yuna and Synn and for putting this all together ))


Level Group 100 -- Also answers to Grizz or Tira
High Summoner of Spira

"So, this is my life now, we travel from place to place and the days just seem to fly by... But sometimes, I find myself stopping... I'm listening for your whistle."

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SPELL LIST and Building a Spell
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