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 Trance Mode

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PostSubject: Trance Mode   October 28th 2010, 7:53 pm

((As Forms are the closest thing to an Overdrive on this site... yeah you know))

Name: Trance Mode (Kiyuki Sumichi)

AP Cost: 100

Requirements: Really Angry, or a large amount of stress.

Description: First off his skin fades out to completely pitch black. His hair spikes out wildly and turns black as well. His eyes turn all red and have small predator's pupils inside them. His fingers extend out into 2 foot-long claws. His shirt tears asunder from the sheer release of stress from Kiyuki's body, and it is shown that a large amount of bandaging is around his abdominals and arms. His lower clothing remains untattered. From this, Kiyuki obtains a large polearm. This is a halberd, about 7 feet long, with a set of three spiked out blades that serve as a melee weapon. The other end of the halberd, is a giant brush, dipped in what looks like blood.

Good qualities: All of Kiyuki's stats (points as registered) are doubled for the duration of this form. All spell damage he deals acts as if one tier higher (so... like tier one goes to tier two, tier two to tier three)

Bad qualities: During this form, he cannot summon, or think right. He will wildly attack anyone in his sight, obtaining a status of berserk, with the ability to use all of his Picture-based spells only. After the form it is discovered that the brush he wielded was using his blood and his power would be halved due to pure blood-loss. This being, any more spells using his blood as ink would put him in a coma.
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Spira
Maximum AP: 470

PostSubject: Re: Trance Mode   October 28th 2010, 9:53 pm

...Overdrives are a SET of Limit Breaks. Not a form.

That aside?

The polearm/brush needs to be made as its own weapon. So, do that.

The tier up is fine, as long as he has to pay more for the spells. You're not doubling the stats. MAYBE increase by X1.5. And, stats can be increased, but not points.

...Since the ink is blood in this form?

If he runs out of AP, I imagine he'd suffer severe bloodloss.

Which means, if your AP bottoms out in-form?



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Trance Mode
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