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 Xavier + Bern = ???

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Xavier J. Meladorez

Xavier J. Meladorez

PostSubject: Xavier + Bern = ???   November 4th 2010, 4:33 pm

Name: Power Fusion

AP Cost: 200

Requirements: Bernhardt Rhodes must be active in the topic, Bernhardt and Xavier must BOTH have at least 200 AP left EACH. Cannot have an enchantment active when activating the form.

Description: This form is a fusion of Xavier and Bernhardt, their bodies fuse together and they form an new entity able to use both their spells and weapons, but at a cost. (explained below) The entity created from this fusion goes by the name Burner. His hair is silver, and spiked up like Bern's, his eyes still appear Al Bhed, he is wearing a black vest w/o a shirt underneathe, and a pair of loose fitting black jeans. He wears a piar of black steel toe boots, and his skin is a dark tan. His forearms are covered in a pair of metal mecha armor and his build is a bit bulkier than Bern's or Xavier's.

Good qualities: Magic attack and defense increased 2x, his agility and speed 3x. The form has access to all of Xavier's and Bern's spells and weapons.

Bad qualities: The effect of this power makes him very arrogant, his physical attack and defense are not increased at all. Summons and enchantments are not able to be used by this being.

*In progress of being drawn*
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Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa Heartilly

Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Balamb
Maximum AP: 2500

PostSubject: Re: Xavier + Bern = ???   November 4th 2010, 6:36 pm

Since we didn't have Team Attacks here, Berny approached me to ask how something like this could work, and I suggested a Form.

Since each of your characters must use 200MP EACH, and with the drawbacks listed, this appears fair and workable.



Siggy courtesy of Fang!

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Level 200
2000 MP/AP
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Xavier + Bern = ???
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