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 Sun Sword & Shield [New/Old Template]

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PostSubject: Sun Sword & Shield [New/Old Template]   November 11th 2010, 12:41 am

Name: Sun Sword & Sun Shield

Type: Long Sword & Circular Shield

Element: Light / Holy


Sun Sword - Burning Light: The sword glows with bright light. When attacking, this light will inflict extra holy damage to an enemy with a successful melee hit.

Sun Shield - Projectile Protection: This shield is capable of negating the effects of physical projectiles such as arrows, throwing knives, needles and throwing stars. It can also absorb minor elemental projectiles as long as they do not have a magic cost. (For example a weapon that can fire an elemental projectile once per post at no magic cost) However it cannot be used in the same way to protect against magical attacks such as a fireball (fire spell) or a shard of enchanted magical ice (blizzard spell).

Range: Close Range (Melee) Combat


Sun Sword -

The classical long-sword wielded by noble knights atop their dashing steeds as they ride into battle or glimmer in their enchanted armor. The sword itself radiates a chivalrous light that damages undead monsters and darkness-element fiends. The blade of the weapon is made of a magically conductive metal allowing the sword itself to be used as a conduit for casting spells which is especially useful for Holy Knights (such as Mystic Knights or Paladins) who have magical ability but find casting magic difficult. This also allowed the blade to be enchanted by priests giving it its holy elemental affiliation. The guard of the weapon is a golden rising sun.

Sun Shield -

Similar to the round shields used by the greeks and barbarians before the invention of the tower shield by the romans, this shield is much lighter and does not limit the mobility of the wearer while in motion while still providing much more protection than a bracer alone. It is the classic completion to the sword-and-shield wielding knight. This shield has the emblem of the sun imprinted in gold on the otherwise silvery metallic surface and is made of the same magically conductive material as the blade which pairs with it. It is made to primarily protect the wearer from projectiles and low-level magics but can also be used with limited efficiency to protect against melee strikes from swords, halberds and the like. Heavier blunt weapons such as maces and axes or piercing weapons such as spears would damage the shield too much for it to be effective.


The Knights of Cornelia were said to descend from the Dragon-kin themselves. Taught never to retreat, never to surrender; taught that death on the battle-field will be the greatest glory they could ever achieve in life. The Knights of Cornelia are the greatest warriors Paramecia has ever known.

The Goblin King came to the King of Cornelia and announced that Cornelia will burn to the ground, he said "When the thousand nations of the goblin empire descended upon the realm of man, out arrows will blot out the SUN!"

The king of Cornelia asked his wife, "What must a king do to save his people". The reply he got was "Ask yourself what a free man should do."

The king looked out over his kingdom and had the blacksmiths craft weapons to emulate their light, their hope of freedom! All the blacksmiths crafted weapons and armor with the emblem of the sun on all knights' swords and shields so they would never have to fight in the shade! The weapons were enchanted with Light magic so every knight would be his own beacon of hope! So that all would know that 300 Cornelia Knights stood up to thousands of goblin guards!

Actually, none of this ever happened....

The real story is that Elisud went with Ambre to Balamb where he saw, for the first time, a movie. Paramecia has no such things in their world and he found himself enthralled with the movie "300". Immediately after the movie was finished, he went back to Paramecia and talked to the Blacksmith describing the weapon and shield used by these 'spartan warriors'. He insisted that the blacksmith craft him something akin to the weapon of his description and thus this weapon set was made.

Now, when Elisud uses this sword and shield, he has the urge to yell "THIS IS CORNELIA!" and kick people down conveniently placed giant pits.

P.S. - This will replace the old "Sun Sword" weapon. Also, because this is a sword/shield set, obviously it can never be used as part of a dual-wielding weapon set.
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Rinoa Heartilly


Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Balamb
Maximum AP: 2500

PostSubject: Re: Sun Sword & Shield [New/Old Template]   November 11th 2010, 12:50 am

Love the History Razz Now you need an Endless Pit spell to go with this!!

I see nothing that needs questioned. Both look just fine to me



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Sun Sword & Shield [New/Old Template]
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