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 Albel and his spells.

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Albel Nox


PostSubject: Albel and his spells.   February 25th 2011, 3:45 am

Name: Spirit cannon

Description & Effect: Albel places his hands to his sides and forms a ball of Blue spiritual energy until it is touches both palms on his hands. Afterwords he releases and it can be fired either as a single projectile ball or a beam of concussive force.

AP/MP Cost: Depends on how much of his own energy he puts into it. Albel can actually max out his AP with this one ability and increase it's power. But normally it ranges between 10 and 50.

Class: Offensive.

Element: I would say non-Elemental since it doesn't have anything to do with elements but if not then N/A

Range: This move can be both close, middle, and Long range.

Effect: Does Physical damage and can also break barriers of both Magical and Physical if enough AP is put behind it. Normally it sends a foe flying or if strong enough can render them unconscious for 2 turns.

Duration: This also depends on the charge but if it is simple it can be used in the same post or if it is stronger it goes up one post every 20 ap used. Say if it is 20 ap it takes a charge post then a fire post, if it is 40 it takes two charge posts then a discharge post etc.

Name: Obliterate

Description & Effect: Albel pulls on the chaos magic within and opens both hands pointing forward and imagines something being Obliterated and it is rendered to shreds. It comes from Magic and chaos itself but being concentrated into one area.

AP/MP Cost: 30 ap

Class: Offensive, defensive. (Can be used as a defense to destroy something coming at him)

Element: Non Applicable.

Range: Mid Range, Long range.

Effect: Destroys objects of any kind and includes people as well. It activates chaos to a focal point invoking it to cause distortion and unbalance rendering a object or person to shreds.

Duration: takes 2 charge posts and then a active post on offensive but on Defensive it can happen instantly but then it is down for 4 posts.

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Rinoa Heartilly


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Maximum AP: 2500

PostSubject: Re: Albel and his spells.   February 25th 2011, 9:27 pm

First off..... you only have enough points for 2 spells, and that's by the Mage chart

Click me for points/spells chart
The progression list for casters is lower on the list

So decide which two of these spells you want to have to use first, and then we'll go from there. But please wait until your character is approved before proceeding with this, or posting any other creations.

Thank you


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Albel Nox


PostSubject: Re: Albel and his spells.   February 28th 2011, 12:30 am

Name: Fire
Description & Effect: Albel raises his right hand and makes a fist.
AP/MP Cost: 10 MP
Class: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: Long
Effect: Tier 1 fire element magical damage
Duration: 1 post
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Albel Nox


PostSubject: Re: Albel and his spells.   February 28th 2011, 12:39 am

Name: One too many

Description & Effect: Albel Rushes into his opponent driving his shoulder into there midsection and lifts them up bringing four punches to the midsection than a Mighty hay maker from above punting the opponent into the ground. This attack normally leaves a small 2 foot wide crater.

AP/MP Cost: 5 Ap

Class: Offensive.

Element: N/A

Range: Close

Effect: Does Physical damage and may Damage body parts. (This means there arm or leg might get broken)

Duration: One post.
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Gaia
Maximum AP: 2000

PostSubject: Re: Albel and his spells.   February 28th 2011, 12:48 am

First one you need to help me be clear on something......the damage of it is what equal to getting by a physical attack? *half the damage of a level 1 spell* Or what and boosting the spell thing........okay spells that break defense spells is common. Just remember you need to use more AP than they used to break their shield, aka 50 AP shield will need 60 AP to be shattered. That it works okay.

Second spell will need to be just totally fixed or just gotten rid of, your attack is sounding like an instant killer attack and that is a no go. For the cost of that spell you could do medium damage to ONE target.

The last one just needs to be explained only just slightly, aka you sending a fireball out, a fist shaped blast of flames, or what?


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Albel Nox


PostSubject: Re: Albel and his spells.   February 28th 2011, 12:55 am

Sorry the second spell only works on objects i should have described that better. A thrown spear a summon etc. it really has no effect on a person. I really should have put that but I didn't think about it. As for the fire no it's just a fire spell but he activates it by closing his fist. like in the game you summon fire and they do something like Cloud throws his fist in the air or squall raises his hand and the spell activates.

As for the first spell it raises with each post becoming stronger because more Ap is being added per post so at first it is half a Physical attack but say i have enough ap to last 10 posts and i throw in 20 here 10 there 30 somewhat. the more and longer charged the stronger the blast. So a full lvl 10 charge (Which i doubt I will get to anytime soon) Would be strong enough to take down a Airship or Bahaumet. But this only would get that high if left alone and anyone who leaves a person alone for 10 posts to charge a spell that could be devastating well that is there own fault.
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PostSubject: Re: Albel and his spells.   

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Albel and his spells.
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