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 Metal Phoenix (From FF Unlimited) (Approved)

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PostSubject: Metal Phoenix (From FF Unlimited) (Approved)   August 30th 2008, 9:28 pm

Name: Metal Phoenix, or just Phoenix.

Cost: 60 MP. (Not too much, considering that this is the worst of all Kaze's summon)

Element: Fire

Attacks: Fire Ball: It launchs a fire ball from a cannon that the Metal Phoenix have on its mouth. It can deal (Like the name say) fire damage to every foe. Its not really poweful.

Flaming Wings: With both wings, the Metal Phoenix attack its foe with great strengh, making phisical and magic damage to the enemy.

Kamikaze: The Phoenix is launched from the Magun directly to the enemy. Two things can happend: (To NPCs) The Phoenix gets into the foe, blowing it from inside and (To Users) It makes an explosion really but really near the foe. When one of this happends, the Phoenix must wait until the next post to disappear, he cannot do anything more.

Description: The color of the metal of the Phoenix is a combination of yellow and red, with some white parts on it. The head of the phoenix looks like the head of an ordinary bird, except that there is a great fire comming from a hole that it have on the back part of the head. Its neck is really large, and the body seems to be a bit small for the other parts of the body. Its wings are totally red, with some white parts on it. Instead of feathers, it have another great fire on the wings, someone that gives it propulsion to fly at a great speed through the sky. The Phoenix does not have feets, the bottom part of the phoenix ends into something that looks like a sharp claw. Thats all the description that I can give of the Phoenix. About the attacks, I already described it on the "Attacks" thing.

History: (Before someone read this, I must say that to summon the Phoenix, some kind of bullet called "Soil" is needed. The soil are the souls of fallen warriors or beast that have given their souls to summon creatures like the Phoenix, and the only weapon that can summon using soil os the Magun. The 3 soils that are needed to summon the Phoenix are: Soil Bullet Mother Black, Soil Bullet Fire Red, and Soil Bullet Burning Gold.)
Kaze obtained this Summon at the same time that he get his Magun. He was running away from the destruction of his world, when suddenly a creature called Chaos appeared. When he thought that there was no hope against that creature, his sister that was with him transformed herself into the Magun, and the souls of all the people that were killed on the destruction of Kaze's world transformed into the soil that was needed to summon creatures (Including the Phoenix's soil). He succesfully beated Chaos, not using the Phoenix, and then he was put into a come for some years. When he awoke, he found himself in the middle of the attack of a giant creature. He used the Phoenix to beat the creature in one finishing blow. He went out of the place, and days later he used again the Phoenix to beat a man called Hungus, that was about to kill him. From there, the Phoenix was not used anymore. At the time that Kaze arrived to The World Of Balance, he lose all the soil that could help him to summon creatures, but thar changed when he visited the Calm Lands on Spira. There, he fought against a Metal Phoenix similar to the one that he could summon. He fought alongside Kuja, Jaix and Zack against the beast. They finally get rid of it. when the beast felt to the ground, dead, it transformed into the three soil that he needed.


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PostSubject: Re: Metal Phoenix (From FF Unlimited) (Approved)   August 30th 2008, 9:40 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Metal Phoenix (From FF Unlimited) (Approved)   August 31st 2008, 2:12 pm

Thanks, Sephiroth.
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PostSubject: Re: Metal Phoenix (From FF Unlimited) (Approved)   

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Metal Phoenix (From FF Unlimited) (Approved)
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