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 Typhoon (Approved)

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PostSubject: Typhoon (Approved)   October 10th 2008, 5:49 pm

Name: Typhoon

Cost: 100 MP

Element: Wind


Triple-sized Laser: This attack is called triple-sized laser, because the attack is three times bigger than the user (Not too much considering its size). When Typhoon wants to make this attack, a little compartment opens on his head, pulling out some kind of cannon with a drill on its back, somehow similar to Kaze's Magun. Then, the drill starts spinning, and it starts gathering the soil that its on the battleground. When he manages to gather enough soil, a purple light appears on the hole of the cannon, and suddenly the purple laser is shot to the enemy, making some great damage to it, but the amount of time that is required to charge this attack is 1 post. That means, that at the first post the laser is being recharged, and at the second it can be launched.

Wind hit: This is the most common attack of this summon. Another drill appears on its back, and it starts spinning. This makes the wind of the battleground to sorround Typhoon like a little Tornado, giving him great speed, so he can launch himself to the enemy. Like Typhoon is made of metal, he does not recieve damage on the impact, so its very effective.

Sacrifice Mini: This is his best attack, the sacrifice Mini. On this attack, Typhoon opens its mouth and it lets out a little wind square, and he launchs it to the enemy. When the square arrives to the enemy, it transforms into a bigger square, and it traps the enemy inside it. Then, Typhoon gets into the square too, and then the object starts getting smaller and smaller. The enemy gets smaller too, and then it transform into a minimal size of himself. But, when he do this, he must stay there and then disappear through a portal on the next post.

Description: On little words, Typhoon is a little purple machine, but to be more descriptive, I'm going to tell how does it looks. First of all, Typhoon have some horns on the top of its head, similar to the ones that a normal sheep have. Then, its head resembles some kind of purple Top, with big eyebrows that sorrounds all its head, and thanks to those things, its eyes cannot be seen and only a dark space replace them. Its mouth its more likely only metal white tooths, and from there, his mouth ends on some kind of horn. It have two arms that are attatched to some kind of ring. And the last thing, this creature size is 3/4 of a human head, so that means that its really small. To summon this creature, three different kind of Soil Bullets must be used, and those are:
Sky Blue, Earth Brown and finally Magic Violet.

History: Kaze recieved this summon at the same time that he recieved the Magun from his sister, plus many soil bullets, that are the materials needed to summon this kind of creatures. On that moment, he was able to summon Typhoon, but like he didn't knew the combinations of bullets to summon creatures, he couln't do it until he trained with the Magun, summoning creatures and making combinations, and this one was the last summon that he could create before Chaos attacked his world, Windaria. Kaze beated Chaos and was sent into a coma, and when he awoke, he had all his soil bullets with him, even the Typhoon ones. He continued his journey, until he found himself fighting against a guy named Hungus, and he decided to summon Typhoon against that foe. The summoning worked perfectly, and Hungus was transformed into a minimal version of himself, making him to run for his life, fearing Kaze. But from there, he did not ever used this Creature on his entire life...


The subs are on the description of the video.

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Maximum AP: 2000

PostSubject: Re: Typhoon (Approved)   October 10th 2008, 7:19 pm

I approve it since well it uses a good amount of your MP. Good job *looks at little summon* but damn it is small.


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PostSubject: Re: Typhoon (Approved)   October 10th 2008, 7:26 pm

Its because of those guys that created FF Unlimited. An example is: The final enemy is a little kid that transforms into a monster that eats worlds.

And another summon of Kaze, Meteor Master, looks like yoda with a staff to summon meteors...

Also, Kaze have 17 summons on all the anime, manga and novels. But I will only summon the 11 that appear only on the anime. For summoners, the limit of summons is 10, but the last one is like a transformation, because Kaze used his own body to create the last creature...
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PostSubject: Re: Typhoon (Approved)   

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Typhoon (Approved)
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