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 Valefor Aeon Summon ((Approved))

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PostSubject: Valefor Aeon Summon ((Approved))   November 9th 2008, 12:39 am

Name: Valefor

Cost: 30 Mp


Sonic Wing: A blast is created by the wings and sent at all enmies on the field.

~Overdrive 1~
Energy Ray: A beam ray of energy is released across the field htting all enemies on the field and in its way.

~Overdrive 2~
Energy Blast: Energy is created by a energy glyph which appeared infront of the aeon. This builds up the enegy. When its done, the energy breaks up forming smaller energy balls that blast the enmies in every direction for a full on blow.


Like the other summons tis one requires a certain dance to call forth. With the fayths help and the dance of the summon the aeon is brought forth. In this dance yuna outstreches her arms for a moment. Then quickly after she pulls her staff out behind her, the aeon summoning glyph forming under her feet. It does its almost circles her while sprks of mgic is sent to the skies above. With this the Valefor is brought down, landing beside her ready to fight.
~Valefor Summon Dance~

History: This was the very first summon had recieved upon becoming a full-fledged summoner. It was the aeon of the Besaid temple. And with this aeon by her side along with her gaurdians she was ready to start her pilgrimage. She recently began to review her summons ater the many years of her not being a summoner. SHe is now review at all temples on yet again another pilgrimage and as the first time she recieved it, this was the first aeon she regained in her studies....


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PostSubject: Re: Valefor Aeon Summon ((Approved))   November 9th 2008, 2:05 am

Approval Granted
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PostSubject: Re: Valefor Aeon Summon ((Approved))   November 9th 2008, 2:14 am

Thank you Sephiroth.....
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PostSubject: Re: Valefor Aeon Summon ((Approved))   

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Valefor Aeon Summon ((Approved))
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