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 Bahamut Fury

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High Summoner Yevon

PostSubject: Bahamut Fury   November 17th 2008, 10:06 am

Name: Bahamut Fury

Cost: 300 MP

Element: Holy

Furious Claw: Charging Holy energy into his claw, Bahamut lunges forward, either slashing or crushing his opponent.

Impulse: Collecting energy into his wings, Bahamut Fury uses his wings as a casting focus to wield a variant of Holy against his opponents.

Exa Flare: Bahamut Fury collects the energy around him, causing his body to shine as he builds power (This takes one turn). Upon reaching critical mass, Bahamut Fury releases massive amounts of Holy Energy from his mouth, strong enough to defeat even the Mega Graviton technique of Dark Anima.

Bearing strong resemblance to Bahamut, Bahamut Fury looks the most like its lesser form as compared to the other Aeons. In fact, compared to its lesser form, the only difference between Bahamut and Bahamut Fury is its colors. Instead of black with multicolored feathers, Bahamut Fury is gold with red feathers.

History: It is said that, when a
summoner turns a human into a Fayth, it can only ever reach its sull
potential when its Aeon is called by its creator. Such is the case with
Yu Yevon, and the original Aeons. However, this power increase is so
great, the Aeons actually change in appearance when called by Yu Yevon,
save for Anima, who was created by Yunalesca, with the aid of Seymour.
In ancient times, Valefor's Fayth was a young boy, in training under
Yevon to become a summoner like him. However, when Bevelle was on the
verge of overtaking Zanarkand, Yu Yevon had no choice but to use him as
one of the Aeons whose power would help support Dream Zanarkand. Yu
Yevon, now ressurected, still feels awful about robbing that young boy
of his mortal life, and he, as well as the other Fayth serve as one of
the sins Yu Yevon wishes to atone for. He cannot restore their life,
but he can use the power within for good, which is wha he aims to do.
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Ivalice
Maximum AP: 3000

PostSubject: Re: Bahamut Fury   November 17th 2008, 5:50 pm

That's a really high MP cost....ya wont even be able to use that for a LONG time....


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High Summoner Yevon

PostSubject: Re: Bahamut Fury   November 17th 2008, 6:34 pm

Obviously. 300 MP is a tall order, even for a Summoner.

THIS is why Chant is nice. Once Yevon expends his MP, he can pull off a summoning while ignoring the cost.

I get the feeling you won't be happy with that, but its not anything illegal.

For the record, I'm not trying to challenge you, not trying to make you mad.

I'm just doing what I can with what I've got.
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Ivalice
Maximum AP: 3000

PostSubject: Re: Bahamut Fury   November 18th 2008, 12:02 am

I'm not mad, I'm just saying that is a really high cost, but you done it.



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PostSubject: Re: Bahamut Fury   

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Bahamut Fury
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