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 Shivar, the Chilling Paramour, and Hidden Aeon of Ice

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High Summoner Yevon

PostSubject: Shivar, the Chilling Paramour, and Hidden Aeon of Ice   December 8th 2008, 8:32 pm

Name: Shivar

Cost: 140

Element: Ice


1000 Shards: Similar to the technique famous to the Cactuar, Shivar has the ability to project 1000 very sharp shards of ice from his hands, dealing moderate Ice damage. (Physical, piercing)

Ice Beam: Shivar has the ability to project a ray of pure Ice Mana, encacing its target in ice. A potent Ice attack, on level with Blizzaga. (Lv. 3 Blizzard Magic)

Absolute Zero: Shivar's ultimate technique. By charging himself with Ice magic, Shivar unleashes a spherical wave of Ice Mana around him, causing the air around him to drop well below freezing, dealing large amounts of magical ice damage to anyone within the radius. After casting the spell, the area affected still remains at subzero temperatures. (Continuous Lv. 5 Blizzard Magic)

Description: Shivar has a humanshape, and, in fact, were it not for his skin and hair, both being shades of blue, he could pass for human. He is always dressed in a deep blue, three-piece suit with gold trim, the jacket bearing long tails. Shivar bears a long ice rapier, sharp and strong as any steel. Un
like most summons, Shivar is more than capable of speech, and speaks with a refined tounge, extensive vocabulary, and a mild brittish accent. When he appears in his spiritual Fayth form, he looks near-exactly like his Aeon form, save for his shin, which is a pale white, and his hair, pitch black. His Fayth form is not often seen, though, and when it does appear, it cannot fight, and is only seen and heard by Yevon.

History: Shivar was an accomplished swordsman of Zanarkand, and, much like his lover, Shiva, was incredibly gifted with ice magic. In fact, during the war, he was known to take on whole enemy platoons with just a few backup soldiers, as well as being able to freeze enemy machina so completely, they would be unable to move. Inf act, it was during the war that he and Shiva created their Hidden Artes, Absolute Zero, and Diamond Dust, respectivley. When the time came for the Fayth to be born, and Sin to rise, Shivar was appaled when the love of his life offered herself up as a Fayth. This drove Shivar to deliver an ultimatum: Yevon would transform him into a Fayth, or he would die by his own blade. Left with no choice, Yevon transformed him to a fayth, sealing him in a cave hidden well below the Macalania Temple.
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Ivalice
Maximum AP: 3000

PostSubject: Re: Shivar, the Chilling Paramour, and Hidden Aeon of Ice   December 9th 2008, 12:21 am

Absolute Zero...nice. APPROVED


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Shivar, the Chilling Paramour, and Hidden Aeon of Ice
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