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 Ixion (From FF Unlimited)

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PostSubject: Ixion (From FF Unlimited)   December 18th 2008, 7:04 pm

Name: Ixion

Cost: 180 MP

Element: Thunder


Electric Stab: On this attack, Ixion charges a lot of electricity on the horn that he have on the middle of his head, and then he charges at the enemy with the horn pointing at the foe and then stabbing it with great power. The attack power deppends on Ixion, if he is weakened for something the attack will be weaker than the normal one, and if he have some kind of increase of power on his body, then the attack will be stronger than a normal one. The stab can only hit the enemy or make the enemy to bleed because of the power used on it.

Unlimited Thunder: Ixion charges again a lot of electricity on the top of his horn and then he launches all the power in form of a thunder to the air, and then this thunder falls to the foe. The difference that this attack have from a normal thunder attack is that this thunder is not a simple hit, the thunder continue falling after it had hit the target, it is like it was really large, but of course the attack finishes some seconds later. He cannot launch another of this attacks until the last one had ended, he can't shoot 2 of this at the same time.

Chaos Storm: This attack is simple yet destructive, not too complex. In the middle of the air a black cloud is formed and then Ixion sends all the energy that he have on his body to that cloud. Then, a purple thunder falls from the cloud to the foe, hitting it. The damage given by the thunder is a high amount because Ixion holds a lot of energy on his body, and great thunder damage is dealt. The thunder can kill many creatures by only making one attack. This is his best attack and when he do it Ixion must leave the battlefield at the next post.

Description: Ixion have the appearance of a big horse. There is no clue of how does Ixion really looks like (Skin color, eyes color, etc) all of his body is covered by a blue armor that protects all his body from phisical attacks. It also have some white protections on the legs, and golden protections on the tail and on the head. It have a horn on the middle of the head used to attack enemies and it have two white and big wings at his sides, resembling the ones that angels have. From there, there is not really much to say about this magnificent summon, except that there are always some thunders sorrounding him and his shining armor. The Soil needed to summon Ixion are Steel Gray, Crimson Red and Lighting Yellow.

History: There was once a world called Windaria, where people and moogles lived in peace for many years and centuries. But one day, a creature called Chaos arrived and started to destroy everything and kill everyone that lived on that world. The only survivors of the destruction were the owner of the Magun Kaze the Black Wind, Aura his sister and finally the moogle called Pepo. When they were running from the destruction all the spirits of the inocent people that were killed by Chaos gathered and then they created a good amount of Soil bullets with their souls, soil that was used to summon creatures like Ixion and others. The Soil could only be used by the Unlimited owner of the Magun, Kaze. The only two times that he used this summon were when he fought one of the four Lords of Chaos called Ungus, and a second fight with this same enemy, where he combined the power of Ixion and Phoenix to create a combo and deal great damage to ungus. From there he didn't used again until the Soil bullets disappeared when he traveled to another world.


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PostSubject: Re: Ixion (From FF Unlimited)   December 19th 2008, 4:06 pm

Looks good Kaze approved
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PostSubject: Re: Ixion (From FF Unlimited)   December 19th 2008, 6:26 pm

Thabks my dear friend!
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PostSubject: Re: Ixion (From FF Unlimited)   December 19th 2008, 6:42 pm

welcome dude
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PostSubject: Re: Ixion (From FF Unlimited)   

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Ixion (From FF Unlimited)
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