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PostSubject: Twister   January 1st 2009, 12:22 pm

Name: Twister

Cost: 30mp

Class: Offensive

Element: Wind

Range: Long

Description & Effect:
Simply put, Hunter can control the wind in such a way that he pulls it all together to swirl in one place. This creates a tornado effect, though it is only a small scale twister around eight feet in height and few feet wide. The air spins at great speeds bringing up dust, dirt, gravel and any loose rocks etc. This makes it quite painful for the unlucky victim that gets caught up in the ‘breeze’.

Also, if more than one tornado is created (taking twice the mp cost, of course), they can be controlled separately or have the capability to join and merge together forming a new, more powerful tornado. This new twister is the upgraded version; twice the size in every direction and spin twice as quick. Impressive, eh? With this new found power, the kind of objects the tornado can pull into it’s spiral are improved. It can then pull up bricks, floor boards, any weapons that are lying around and even small monsters.

With Hunter’s natural skill in controlling the air around him and the mastery he has gained over it, creating a small tornado didn’t take too much skill to achieve and manipulate. It didn’t take him long to practice enough before these twisters reached speeds that allowed them to pull up dirt and that was when the idea struck him. What’s better than a little tornado? A big one.

So he tried it out. At first, it seemed a waste of time; he couldn’t create a tornado to a huge scale that could spin fast enough to cause any real damage. But a simpler method for the larger tornado’s creation came to mind. If he could make two and purposefully make them collide there could be two out comes; they smack into each other uselessly or they could do exactly what he wanted them to and morph together into a much more powerful force. Luckily for Hunter, that is precisely what did happen. And now, these twisters come in handy on occasion.
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Ivalice
Maximum AP: 3000

PostSubject: Re: Twister   January 1st 2009, 2:47 pm



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