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 The Brothers Of Destiny

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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Ivalice
Maximum AP: 3000

PostSubject: The Brothers Of Destiny   January 2nd 2009, 1:45 am

Name: MorpheusZero & NeoOne; The Brothers Of Destiny

Cost: 200 MP - 100 MP Each

Element: MorpheusZero is aligned with Darkness & Ice. Neo0ne is aligned with Darkness & Wind.

Attacks: Judgement Day - Morpheus & Neo bring their hands together and move them back and forth as they both form one large orb each. It is purplish in color, with black vortices spiraling and intertwining about the orbs. The orbs grow larger in size as The Brothers Of Destiny move away from each other. The release their hands forward, thrusting the two orbs forward, causing a massive collision of energy. A shockwave causes everyone in between the two brothers to be knocked down for a brief second. A large dome forms around everyone in between them, even The Brothers. The Dome is reinforced with pure Darkness that cannot be broken without the Death of Kadaj. For Kadaj will usually remain outside of the Dome and let the brothers handle his enemies while he rests. No one can see inside of the dome, and no one can see out of the dome. It is pitch black inside of the dome, so it Is very hard to see. Kadaj is the only one who can make the Dome go away.

Ice Tempest - Morpheus & Neo use their knowledge of Ice and Wind to create a huge storm over the area. Sleet and Hail begin to fall from the sky as huge hurricane force winds blow over the area. The sky grows dark as the rain falls down, GREATLY reducing visibility. Neo can cause great tornadoes to rage over the lands. The Ice cubes and snow that may fall can harm enemies. It makes it extremely difficult to fight in these conditions. Morpheus & Neo aren’t effected as bad as everyone else though.

Elemental Manipulation - This basically allows Morpheus & Neo to perform any regular elemental attacks with their known elements. Darkness, Wind, and Ice. Like Morpheus can shoot orbs of Darkness that deal moderate burning damage or ice damage. Neo can make people float in the air or cause short massive bursts of wind, etc.

Description: Morpheus & Neo both stand at about 6 feet tall and wear long, black, and hooded cloaks. Their face is never seen. Only strands of hair are known. Morpheus’ is silverfish-blue, while Neo’s is black. Their eyes are both red in color. Only the faint outlines of their faces can be seen under the hood and their red, evil eyes. They are obedient to Kadaj and only serve him. They are somewhat of his personal body guards at his courtyard as they guard the premises. MorpheusZero has two lances that he uses as weapons while Neo has four Buster Swords that float on the air around his body. They are excellent swordsman and none are better, not even Kadaj. Their tactical knowledge of battle is unsurpassed since they are ancient warriors from another age. Their exact age is unknown, but they appear in their 40’s. They are very strategic and don’t usually talk that much except to Kadaj.

History: These two brothers were born as a result of nuclear genetic fusion testing. So in reality, they are by-products of war. The tests were deemed failures just before they were actually completed. They were thrown out as cast aways, but it was after that they started to develop their amazing and elemental abilities. Strength, precision, accuracy, strategy, intelligence, etc—it all happened as a result and they became Warriors Of Darkness. Kadaj met up with them as they roamed between worlds. They were deemed outlaws by most worlds and not accepted. Kadaj saw how powerful they were and how much potential they held, so he promised them peace and a place to stay in his Estate in Archades, Ivalice. They consented and have served him ever since—calling him their Master.


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PostSubject: Re: The Brothers Of Destiny   January 2nd 2009, 3:16 am

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The Brothers Of Destiny
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