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 Agni and Rudra the FireStorm [[WIP]]

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PostSubject: Agni and Rudra the FireStorm [[WIP]]   January 5th 2009, 8:54 am

Name: Agni and Rudra (the FireStorm)

Cost: 180 (90 MP each)

Element: Agni is aligned to the element of Fire whilst Rudra is Wind.

Attacks: Agni and Rudra, being summoned only on the condition that they both be summoned at the same time, are extemely unique. for attacks, they each have one special attack on their own. Following that, they have a combo attack that utilizes to both of them. Agni's attack, Jet-Stream, causes his blade to ignite in the essence of fire. He laughs, from below the blade, and starts to charge at an enemy. It is used mainly against a single enemy, but can be used on more than one if they are aligned in a row. Should Agni fall of a cliff or anything like that, his blade will pierce the ground, causing him to climb back up. During his charge, Agni's serrated blade becomes longer by exactly half of its length, multiplying the entire blade by x1.5 which makes it easier to hit people. The extended half of the blade is pure fire, not able to strike at anything with real force. Rudra's attack, Whirlwind, causes his blade to be enflamed with the wind element. By doing this, the blade has no physical changes. Only Agni, Mask, and those with the power of Wind can see the change of the blade. Wind encircles it, intertwining itself with the blade. It becomes considerably longer, the extended blade more than double the length of the original. Much like Agni's attack, Rudra rams at an enemy. However, his attack being more 'area-effect,' causes him to spin whilst he charges. By doing this, he can also levitate over small gaps, such as those no bigger than fifteen feet at the very max.

Description: Agni's first noticable perspective would be his red flaming skin. Much like Rudra, Agni has no head visible to a normal eye. Instead, Agni (like Rudra) has his head on the bottom of his sword. His sword is a scimitar based on the element of fire, containing small sparks of t within the blade of the weapon. He has rock-like armor on his arms, guarding him from many of the things that would kill him otherwise. Rudra has blue skin, as one might believe he is alligned to the element of ice. Rather, Rudra is a wind-elemental. His sword is designed exactly like Agni's, what with both of them having their heads on the bottom, and showing their element within the blade. If one did not know it then Rudra's blade would also resemble Ice, as the wind within it is a very light shade of blue. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of both Agni and Rudra's design would be that, if their "bodies" were killed, Mask can wield both as blades. This can last until Mask would take a fatal blow, in which Agni and Rudra take it from him. (The easiest way to kill Agni and Rudra is to attack the base of their swords, which is where their 'heads' are.)

History: ((Tell us how you acquired the summon and how the summon came to become a summon. Be descriptive.))



OOC COMMENTS: I had this summon planned for a little while now, but I don't plan to use it until I get the 300 posts. I did not use Kadaj's 'The Brothers of destiny' summon as an Idea for this.

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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Ivalice
Maximum AP: 3000

PostSubject: Re: Agni and Rudra the FireStorm [[WIP]]   January 5th 2009, 6:21 pm

Take out the sarcastic OOC Comments and Three Total....


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PostSubject: Re: Agni and Rudra the FireStorm [[WIP]]   January 5th 2009, 6:38 pm

Alright. I'll get to work on it in a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Agni and Rudra the FireStorm [[WIP]]   

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Agni and Rudra the FireStorm [[WIP]]
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