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 Seifer's Trench Coat (Approved)

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PostSubject: Seifer's Trench Coat (Approved)   August 18th 2008, 2:17 am


Edea's [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]Gift


Has minor fire resistance.


It was enchanted by Edea so that it was resistant to flames. (Read [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]history</FONT></FONT> for more.)


He never remembered how long he ran or begged on the streets before she
found him, but he was grateful for her when she did. She said her name
was Edea and that she had a place where she could keep him safe. So she
did; she took him to an orphanage that she ran.

Shortly after arriving, Edea took the boy, of approximately 10
years, to a small room near the east side of the complex. Once in the
room she took a [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]lantern</FONT></FONT> from the closet, adjusting the wick before [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]lighting</FONT></FONT> it. Seifer’s mind flashed back to his mother’s [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]bedroom</FONT></FONT>
becoming nearly incinerated by some power he hadn’t known he had. The
thoughts of the destruction caused by the fire forced an involuntary
shaking to rise in the small framed boy. Noticing this Edea looked at
him warmly questioning him, “Is something wrong my dear.” He then
rehearsed what had occurred in his mother’s room, leaving out the
details of how the fire itself had been started. Edea pondered for a
moment, looking into the boy’s eyes, which revealed his true fear and
feelings of guilt for the situation, although she could not even begin
to understand why he blamed himself.

“Look here,” She said as she mumbled something incoherently, waving her
hand over the lantern, “will that do?” From within the lantern a small
light began to glow; it was not the flickering of a flame, but one
steady stream of light perpetually illuminating the room. The boy
smiled up into Edea’s motherly face muttering, semi-embarrassedly

It didn’t take long after arriving before Seifer had climbed the
informal hierarchy the children had created. With a few well placed
fights, Seifer was on top, and no one could tell him what to do or
refuse a demand he made; if they were smart that is. In short, Seifer
ran things around the orphanage on the occasion that he actually stuck
around, for he was often off doing as he pleased in the nearby towns.

While at the orphanage the other children spoke of old war stories
they had heard before arriving at the home Edea had established. One or
two in particular caught Seifer’s attention. They mentioned a weapon, a
weapon that wasn’t quite a sword, wasn’t quite a gun, but was both.
Seifer was intrigued and spent many hours researching the topic, only
to find that there was little to no [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]literature</FONT></FONT>
on weapon. The one thing that seemed consistent was there was mention
of a man who lived on the outskirts of Timber. . . a man who forged
gunblades for those he found appropriate in their use.

By Edea’s approval, Seifer left to the Balamb [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]Garden</FONT></FONT> near his reaching the age of sixteen.

Just prior to his leaving, Seifer was summoned to Edea’s quarters.
“Seifer, I have a parting gift for you,” she said half-heartedly as he
entered the room. She was standing profile to him, holding a plain
white box, looking out the wall sized window that covered the west side
of her office. She turned to look at him, “Well, don’t you want to know
what it is.” Seifer jumped a little, he had been caught up in the sigh
of her silhouette that had been formed by the setting sun. He nodded
diligently; if he had learned one thing during his time at the
orphanage, it had been to agree with Edea, even if she was wrong.

She walked over to him, handing him the box, “It’s not much, but. . .” Her voice trailed off as Seifer opened the [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]container</FONT></FONT>. He reached in procuring a long gray trench [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]coat</FONT></FONT>. He held it up examining it. It was of exquisite quality, it must have cost her a fortune. “I took the time to place a few [color:a695=green ! important][color:a695=green ! important]charms</FONT></FONT>
on it. It should keep you protected. It is completely fire resistant,”
Edea explained. Seifer threw it over his shoulders and it sagged nearly
to the floor. “It’s just the right length,” He confirmed, smiling in
Edea’s direction. They exchanged their goodbyes and Seifer was off to
Balamb Garden.


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PostSubject: Re: Seifer's Trench Coat (Approved)   August 18th 2008, 3:39 am


You could have gotten away with a smaller history you know.
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PostSubject: Re: Seifer's Trench Coat (Approved)   August 18th 2008, 10:49 am

Oh but where's the fun in that?
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PostSubject: Re: Seifer's Trench Coat (Approved)   

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Seifer's Trench Coat (Approved)
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