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 Summons Template

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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Ivalice
Maximum AP: 3000

PostSubject: Summons Template   March 1st 2009, 4:23 am

Summon Creation Rules

If You have any questions or are in need of assistance, please feel free to send me a Private Message by !CLICKING HERE! But please make sure you have read everything for yourself first, because your question may have already been answered.


God Mod - If you haven’t gotten this by now—May The Admins Have Mercy On Your RP Life.

Pictures - I am now making pictures mandatory for Summon Approval. It doesn’t take the place of a description, but I DO NEED A PICTURE.

Creation Before Use - If you only have a maximum 200 AP and you create a Summon that requires 210 AP to summon, I am going to personally ban you for a week from the forum.

Summon's Element Must be in your Element Tree


Summon Template

Name: (What is the summon called? What is its name?)

AP/MPCost: (AP cost, multiples of ten. How much AP do you need to use this summon?)

Element: (What element is the summon aligned with? If it doesn't have an element then put N/A.)

Attacks: (No more than three! Describe the attacks in great detail.. Tell us what it does.)

Description: (What does the summon look like? No Pictures Here.)[/i]


----- Post progression is as follows....

Under 250 points: 1 Summon
Over 250 points: 2 Summons
Over 500 points: 3 Summons
Over 1000 points: 4 Summons
Over 2500 points: 5 Summons
Over 4000 points: 6 Summons
Over 6000 points: 7 Summons

The numbers are as followed.......

50 points---> 1 Summon

100 points---> 2 summons

200---> 3 summons

250---> 4 summons

300---> 5 summons

350---> 6 summons

450---->7 summons

520--->8 summons

620--->9 summons

720--->10 summons

850--->11 summons

1000--->12 summons


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Rinoa Heartilly


Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Balamb
Maximum AP: 2500

PostSubject: Re: Summons Template   September 29th 2010, 6:07 pm

Again, AP and MP are the same thing. Only the post progression to obtain summons has been edited into the template. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^^


Siggy courtesy of Fang!

Rinoa's Profile
Level 200
2000 MP/AP
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Summons Template
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