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 No Mercy Spell (Approved)

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PostSubject: No Mercy Spell (Approved)   August 18th 2008, 8:45 pm


No Mercy


Running a few steps towards his enemy Seifer lashes out with his
left hand casting Cross of Fire. Seifer pulls the glove off his left
hand, raising it out in front of him palm out. A cross shaped scar is
revealed to his opponent, which then begins to glow a bright red. The
red deepens in shade until it would seem his palm was bleeding. With an
explosive sound, fire erupts from the shape adorning Seifer's palm. The
conflagrations moves at a high velocity towards its intended target.
Upon striking the ends of the cross fold around its epicenter in order
to do most damage possible to the enemy. As his opponent is distracted
by the conflagration surrounding them Seifer raises Hyperion and aims
it at his foe. He then draws upon the piece of Ifrit embedded within
his weapon. The back end of his blade begins to glow a bright red,
slowly become brighter until it is a pure, hot white. It seems as if
the blade is about to explode when Seifer finally lowers it. The blade
then stays white hot until the end of the battle.




Takes two posts to cast. ((First post cast Cross of Fire. Second
post Hyperion does extra damage.)) The extra power embedded within
Hyperion lasts the rest of the battle.


Deals major fire damage as well as possibly incapacitating opponent
for their post in between the two posts required to cast effectively.


((The spell history))

The next morning, Seifer found her dead. She lied there on the
floor, limbs contorted at odd angles that looked painful. Seifer ran to
her, crying into her bosom, begging her to wake up. After a time he
became angry; lashing out a flame burst from the palm of his hand
blowing the bed into many pieces causing a conflagration to spread
about the room. Becoming rash, Seifer grabbed the gun which sat in an
obscure position near the corpseís left hand and ran. He didnít know
where he was going or what he was going to do. All he knew was that he
didnít want to be there at that moment.

((The Ifrit history))

Seifer walked through the hills to the east of the old manís
dwelling. They unfamiliar weight of the gunblade pressing down on his
hip awkwardly. After only a few hundred yards he had begun to sweat
profusely. He cursed pulling the gunblade from its holster and holding
it in his hand for a distance to attempt to make the trek easier.
Despite his efforts, walking was still awkward and difficult.

After a few hours he arrived at the mouth of the cave. It was
graced by stalactites and stalagmites larger than an average man.
Breathing in Seifer delved into the mouth of the cavern. At first he
could see nothing but darkness. He walked deeper into the cave. Twenty
feet later he began to see a light coming from down the passage way.
His pace quickened with the excitement at the new source of light.

Upon rounding the next bend, he realized his hurried pace had once
again gotten him into trouble he wasnít sure he could handle. The light
had been emanating from two you bombs. Seifer drew the gunblade,
readying himself for battle. He had been taught how to sue a sword when
he was younger, but this wasnít a sword, and it weighed approximately
one and a half times as much. The bombs had yet to notice Seifer, so he
took advantage of the situation. He raised the gunblade to eye level,
aiming carefully, and pulled the trigger. The first bomb fell to the
floor, its flames extinguishing. He then turned to the other bomb, but
this one was ready for him. It lashed out casting fira at Seifer. He
pulled his trench coat in between himself and the oncoming
conflagration to protect himself; it worked. Edeaís gift had saved him.
Racing forward, Seifer lashed out with the gunblade, eliminating the
other bomb.

Feeling on the ground for the remains of the bombs he found two
baseball size and shaped pieces of metal. He lifted one of them up,
comparing it to the gunblade in hand. After running a few calculations
in his head he estimated he was going to need around fifteen of these
in order to have enough to own his own gunblade. He spent the next six
hours searching the caveís tunnels; each encounter mimicked that of the
first. Finally satisfied with the amount of metal orbs he had gathered,
Seifer began to head to what he assumed was the exit of the cave. After
nearly twenty minutes of walking he noticed a light near the bend up
ahead. This would be the exit, he thought. He rushed slightly, eager to
taste the crispness of the mid-autumn wind.

As he approached the corner he could hear something, and it was not
the wind. It sounded like breathing. Cautiously, Seifer drew the
gunblade and crept around the corner. As he took in the monstrous beast
Seifer froze, palms instantly becoming sweaty. There, right in front of
him, stood a beast of legend. The god of fire, Ifrit himself. Seifer
began to back away, but it was too late, Ifrit had noticed him and
lashed out vivaciously striking Seiferís left shoulder causing it to go
limp. On a momentís hesitation Seifer pulled up the gunblade,
accidentally pulling the trigger simultaneously. The great beast howled
in pain as a piece of its left horn fell to the ground. It looked deep
into Seiferís eyes before turning and running deeper into the caves.
Warily, Seifer reached down procuring the piece of the legendary beast.
In a daze, Seifer placed the one fragment into the inside pocket of his
trench coat, and then continued to find his way out of the cave system.

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M3rchant of Death
M3rchant of Death

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Gil: 0
Home World: M3rchant's Bank
Maximum AP: Unlimited

PostSubject: Re: No Mercy Spell (Approved)   August 19th 2008, 7:08 am

Could you possibly up the cost to 30mp?


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PostSubject: Re: No Mercy Spell (Approved)   August 19th 2008, 10:45 am

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M3rchant of Death
M3rchant of Death

Character Information
Gil: 0
Home World: M3rchant's Bank
Maximum AP: Unlimited

PostSubject: Re: No Mercy Spell (Approved)   August 19th 2008, 10:49 am

Okay cool,

Good Description and History as always,



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PostSubject: Re: No Mercy Spell (Approved)   

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No Mercy Spell (Approved)
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