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 Cloud Strife Profile

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M3rchant of Death
M3rchant of Death

Character Information
Gil: 0
Home World: M3rchant's Bank
Maximum AP: Unlimited

PostSubject: Cloud Strife Profile   August 19th 2008, 11:16 am

Cloud Strife

Age: 23
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Home World: Midgar

Class: Knight
Fighting style: Short
Weapon: First Tsurugi
Armor: Diamond Bangle


Magic Materia

Command Materia

Enemey Skill
~ Thundaga - 60mp (Kuja's Trance)
~ Flare Star - 200mp (Kuja's Trance)

Support Materia
MP Absorb

Summon Materia

Good Qualities:
Cloud has a natural talent for swordsmanship. When Cloud was only fourteen, on an escort mission, he stole a sword from the enemies' elite Raven soldiers, and showed amazing swordsmanship for his first time to the amazement of the Turk working with him. It is probably because he has this natural talent for using large swords that he able to use Zack's Buster Sword so well.

Bad Qualities:
Cloudís difficult past still continues to weigh him down. The experiments that Hojo put him through with his memories being twisted with Zackís, the placement of Jenova cells inside of him and the death of Aerith which he blames himself for; Cloud has a hard time interacting with others. His people skills are lacking, to say the least, and he seems to feel uncomfortable around others.

The first thing people notice is Cloudís distinctive spiky hair; it is medium length, blonde and has spikes sticking out in every direction. He has bright blue eyes and a mainly black outfit. He wears a zip-up vest with one baggy sleeve on his left arm while the other is left sleeveless with one of his black gloves, from the pair, reaching up his forearm nearly as far as his elbow. Worn over the sleeved left shoulder is a metal shoulder plate held on by a couple of black straps that form a cross over his chest and back over the vest. On the black shoulder plate his a shiny silver lionís head with a ring that is connected inside itís mouth. Cloudís belt is a very wide crossing his hips with a piece of black material hanging down his left leg over the top of his black pants. Coming out from under these are a pair of black boots to match the rest of the outfit.

Cloud once admired the hero Sephiroth and aimed to be part of the ShinRa Company's elite army "SOLDIER" like Sephiroth was, but his hopes were dashed along the way. At the age of 16 Cloud was sent on a mission to his hometown of Nibelheim, where Sephiroth went out of control (what is commonly called the "Sephiroth Incident"). Cloud, having suffered heavy injuries during the incident, he fell victim to one of the experiments of Hojo, a ShinRa scientist. He was manipulated by Shinra by adding Zackís memories into his own as well as the injection of cells from Jenova, an extraterrestrial life form. Due to the influence of the Jenova cells and false memories implanted in his body he acted out a false persona.

On the request of his childhood friend Tifa, Cloud assists the anti-ShinRa organization "AVALANCHE" led by Barret Wallace. At first he was just a mercenary and has little interest in their goal of 'protecting the planet'. But after meeting Aerith, an Ancient, and reuniting with his fated rival Sephiroth, he throws himself fully into the battle to save the planet. To Cloud, this is also a battle to examine who he really is and to settle his past. After a hard journey with a strange group of companions, Cloud came face to face with Sephiroth and stopped him from carrying out his evil plot to destroy the planet. Being the hero he is, Cloud and his friends defeated Sephiroth.

Two years later Cloud finds himself running a delivery business while helping out Tifa with the newly opened "Seventh Heaven" bar. Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel lived together like a family. However, when Cloud contracts Geostigma he disappears. Behind these actions lies feelings of guilt towards his past failure to protect people who were important to him. But through his battle with Kadaj's gang, the legacy of Jenova, he regains the courage to face realityÖ


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Cloud Strife Profile
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