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 Alchemist's Incantation.

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PostSubject: Alchemist's Incantation.   July 10th 2009, 4:15 pm

Name: Alchemist’s Incantation

AP cost: 1/4 of Max magic ((If not a ending in an interval of ten then it will be rounded up to the nearest tenth.))

Requirements: To be Etzolix

Description: [i]As previously mentioned in the Good qualities portion nothing changes about his physical persona, however if they have some type of ability ((not intuition actual APPROVED ability.)) To sense the inside of him, or the elemental alignment of his then they will notice that his body is coursing with magic now moving rapidly and seeming to have more than he normally would. It would have a silver-ish color opposed to the gray scheme it normally would for its twilight energy. The bright energy ((Within his body, it doesn’t show on the outside even if he’s wounded.))

Good qualities: During this form all of Etzolix’s mana costs are reduced by half. They still keep the power that they normally would halve only they would only cost half ((If I happens to not be an interval of ten then that means the cost will be rounded up to the nearest tenth.)) A good factor is that nothing changes in his physical manifestation to signal that he is using this form, which makes it easy to throw people off to how much mana that he is able to use in this form.

Bad qualities: Due to having such a great magical boost this causes major drawbacks in two of his strengths. First of all, his magical defense is lowered by a large portion. However this is not the only thing, also his physical strength is also lowered by a large amount as well, and as long as the form is activated then they will both be lowered by Forty Percent [40%] each. Everything else about his combat stats remains the same.

History: His father was a cruel man, forcing him to train in the depths of darkness, while there he had to survive, due to not having enough to protect himself with he was forced to go into a new stage of his. Multiple creatures, disturbing ones that would usually give kids nightmares attacked him, he had only one spell though, it was the one that protected against magic, sense they knew he was weak they didn’t attempt using their strongest spell, so the six each used a weak spell equivalent to one of ten mp, so in order to protect he had gone into this form unexpectedly and had enough to block the attacks. Due to the explosion he father took him out and thought he was hurt when he wasn’t which was astounding to him at least. As he trained with it he can activate this whenever he pleased for that’s what happens when someone masters something.
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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Ivalice
Maximum AP: 3000

PostSubject: Re: Alchemist's Incantation.   July 10th 2009, 4:18 pm

You said in the description, "as mentioned previously in Good Qualities section" but that section is AFTER when I read that..... >.>




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PostSubject: Re: Alchemist's Incantation.   July 10th 2009, 4:21 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Alchemist's Incantation.   

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Alchemist's Incantation.
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