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Music is but a thought--a voice that cannot speak, yet refuses to remain silent. This is Final Fantasy. Can you hear it? It comes from the Shadows--A Requiem.
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 Yuna of Besaid

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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Spira
Maximum AP: 1000

PostSubject: Yuna of Besaid   April 15th 2010, 12:29 am


Yuna of the Isle of Besaid

Current Status: Yuna is recovering from an unusually swift and severe bout of Clinical Depression that culminated in her attempted suicide following a verbal attack by Shinryu, who believed that she was better off on the Farplane than struggling through a life that was mere existence. The cause of the Depression is currently unknown, though if Shinryu had been aware that it was not natural, he likely would not have tried to tip the scales in favor of self-destruction.

What is known, though, is that the Depression has wrecked complete havoc on her life and her relationships because no one knew it to be anything but natural. Her bond with Tidus stands on the edge of a precipice and no one currently knows whether it can, or will, be salvaged. The Fayth reluctantly admitted that the bond existed in the first place because they altered Tidus so that he would bond closely with one of Yuna's party and that the one could have been her... or it could have been Rikku or Lulu. Shinryu restored his free will when he returned the Dream of the Fayth to Spira, and that is why matters have reached the point that they have.

Bevelle is taking the stance that Yuna's brush with death was the result of a botched assassination attempt. Yuna knows that she was attempting to take her own life because of the Depression. It is entirely possible that both are correct, but the nature of an enemy that would strike using such a subtle injury... is in doubt.

--- --- ---

Gnarled Staff
Tiny Bee Pistols

--- --- ---

Warrior Dressphere
Gunner Dressphere
Songstress Dressphere

--- --- ---


--- --- ---


--- --- ---

Sphere Grid Gloves
Healing Wind Garment Grid

--- --- ---
Party Members

Tiraleen, the Student of Gilgamesh, Summoner/Ninja
Weapons: Dragon Shard
Spells: Dragon Strike, Swordwall, Flying Dragon, Dragonlight, Wheel of Dragons, Brittle, Fragile
Summon: Timmain WolfMother
Enchantments: Metalshaping, Mindlink, Selkie Doublejump, Ninja Mobility, Red Boots Give You WIIIIIIINGS!!
Form: Dragonborn
Current Status: Tiraleen is emotionally bonded to Steel Deer, the Galka associate of Tidus. She is slowly recovering from a traumatic injury that left her completely shattered to the point that even her soul no longer existed in a solid form. Her recovery is at his direction because of the nature of the injury and the bonding that was required when she was awakened by impossible magic.

Mairi-chan, the Innocent and Mysterious, Summoner/Mage
Weapons: Wok, Dragoncatcher Racket
Summons: No Summons Currently
Spells: Tiss-Tiss, Aw Bedder?, Hugs 'n' Tisses, Lotsa Tisses, Wake Up!
Enchantments: Wings of the Angel, Make-Up, Glowy Eyes, Pockets of Holding, Funny Voices, Growth Manipulation
Current Status: Mairi underwent an extreme transformation of her own when she discovered Yuna's dying body in the chamber of Bahamut's Fayth in Bevelle with Shinryu watching overhead. The little girl that everyone always thought was too idiot-savant to really understand things like pain and shame was filled with utter rage at what Shinryu had done to Yuna. She was able to heal the damage from the Malboro Sap which Yuna had taken, coincidentally healing the Clinical Depression which caused the suicide attempt, and then she turned on Shinryu and verbally, and physically, attacked him for hurting her friend. The child surprised him by snatching feathers from his headdress before he realized what she was doing. Somehow, though, Mairi caught Shinryu's continued attention and wrung from him an understanding. He will not harm Yuna again. Though what, exactly, Mairi has offered in return is unknown.

What is known, though, is that since that moment when rage caused her to act, Mairi has been... different. She still acts like the little fool that everyone knows so well and loves so dearly, but at odd times her manner changes, almost as if a mask is slipping. Also, Cuddles has not been seen since that day and her only explanation is that Cuddles said she didn't need him to protect her anymore.

Zephyr Caelestis Warrior/Thief
Weapons: WyndSlash
Spells: Vortex Blade
Current Status: Zephyr has been quietly worried about Yuna for quite a while, though he has not said much about that worry... mostly because he has no idea how to deal with a potential illness of the mind. It was bad enough that he actually refrained from flirting with her, much to the surprise of several other members of the party. Since her recovery he has relaxed and is much happier now that she's better, or at least getting there, but he's worried about her relationship with Tidus... because he knows that all is not well there.

Zephyr has no current close ties of his own, other than his loyalty to Yuna and his friendship with Tiraleen. To him, Mairi is an angel and a little princess to be smiled at and loved. But he has not found any one who could shake him from self-absorption.

--- --- ---
Associated NPCs

Sorin, Airship Pilot and Tira's brother
Aurora, Tira's friend and former Party Member
Martika, infant Moogle adopted by Tira


Level Group 100 -- Also answers to Grizz or Tira
High Summoner of Spira

"So, this is my life now, we travel from place to place and the days just seem to fly by... But sometimes, I find myself stopping... I'm listening for your whistle."
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Yuna of Besaid
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