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 Vera Senka

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PostSubject: Vera Senka   April 15th 2010, 9:24 am

Approvals ~

Vera Senka
Child of the Ages
''There is no other way then living. Because life is simple.''

Age || 18
Race || Cursed Human
Gender || Female

Tactical information
Class - Beast Master [Summoner]
Elements - [Sub]
Fightning Style || Acrobatic, Deadly and Quick

Height || 6'1
Weight || 155lbs
Hair || Pink
Eye || Red/Pink/White
Style || Untied, long

Beauty. It was all on the apperance skin deep : that's how Vera is. Beautiful : seductive. Long locks of silken pink shaded hair that flow out behind her, and pale skin that seems to reflect the moonlight around her. Her body is curvacious, beautiful and elegant. She moves gracefully, like na acrobat or a wild beast. She's at least a d-cup, if not more. Her clothing tends to be tight and conforming to her body : unless one catches her in a more humanistical setting, where she will be seen wearing more elegant clothing. Her eyes are a shade of pink, sometimes even shifting to white or red, depending on the case. There is a serpent like mark on her forehead, red in nature, and seems to only be shown when she shows her eyes. There is a mark also, going down her back, but it's indistinct. She does wear glasses on occaision.

Alignement || True Neutral
Favorite Color || Light Green : Golden Yellow
Favorite Food || Meat : Fruits
~ Observant
~ Adaptive
~ Calm
~ Determined
~ Accepting

~ Anti-Social
~ Territorial
~ Unresponsive
~ Agressive
~ Possessive

Vera is a strange creature. She has several qualities as well as defaults, as any human being would, and hers seem to counter balance and yet work in harmony with one another. She is observant of people and her envrionement : it was necessary to her survival for the longest of time. Therefore, she has cleaned enough of this knowledge to be able to observe and pick up emotions from simple body language. However, she is anti-social, preferring to keep her distance from those that would talk to her or abuse her for any reason. Reclusive sometimes, she is easily found away from civilisation as a whole and prefers to be by herself or with a few close friends. Adaptive to her environement, this makes her a great hireable blade, as she seems to be able to resist the shock of differant weathers and sceneries. But she is territorial : meaning once she's set her home, like an animal, she will fight to defend her territory. A calm person, it seems she can take this to the point of being unresponsive, almost comatose to certain people. But as calm as she is, she's still agressive, able to charge into battle without really taking the time to talk. Just because she's calm doesn't mean she's a pacifist, in her view. Determined and possessive, these two qualities seem to make her almost a fearful person to face in battle, as she defends those she chooses as hers with an almost fearful determination. What's hers is hers : no more objection over it. And finally, she's accepting : as in to her, it doesn't matter who you were, what you are, what race, and what's your history. Those don't count to her, as the person now is all that matters.

She loves to be adored and idolized, or respected in some shape : that makes her happy. She also likes when people are considerate of her : such as not pressing on things she'd rather not speak of, or other such slightly rube and overbearing things. Things she tends to dislike are nosy people, since they tend to try to pry into her past. She also dislikes it when someone messes with those she cares for, or even worse, her territory and possessions. Other then that, she seems a rather bland person, in her likes and dislikes, as there is nothing specific for her to say about those.

Her view of the world is slightly strange. Somewhat nihilistic in her beliefs, she would never go as far as to destroy humans : rather she'd work towards a goal. Where humans can intergrate themselves into nature once more, as their rash rampage of power and technology annoys her. Suffering from insomia, she barely sleeps, and thus often contemplates the state of the world, and those living in it. She seems slightly idealistic, in believing that humans can work with nature and go back to her roots, there's also a slight hint of distain towards the race in general, hence why she seems so anti-social. But she takes each thing in it's own time, as she simply searches for a way to accomplish things without upsetting too many of the people she meets.


Life. As beautiful as it was, it was cursed by the same occaision.

A small girl was born to two wandering parents, that seemed to find major comfort in several of the worlds : always wandering what their motto. There was nothing to hide : nothing to say that they weren't normal. Two normal wanderers, making ends meet by accepting jobs as caravan guards and hunters. This was a life that wasn't too bad, and thus so, when they had a child, they decided to continue. Life was beautiful, yes, but it was cruel as well. The young child had wandered off : seven years old at the time. And thus, without warning, monsters attacked the caravan that her parents were guarding. Hearing screams, the girl didn't dare to go see : and only after they quietened did she venture out to go see what was going on. And the sight that her eyes recieved.. wasn't pretty. But most important : a figure stood there. The seven year old looked defiantly at the large cloaked figure, whom simply smilied and flicked the girl's forehead. Falling into a deep sleep, memories became locked away, as she rested in the arms of the stranger.

Thus so, she was taken in by this man, raised to be a perfect weapon. Her powers were wide and amazing, and she was pure, able to move around in the world without difficulty. But such came a point in all life : rebellion against the leading figure. Turning her back on the one that raised her, the pink haired woman saught other places, other things. The wandering roots from her parents had been instilled deep, and she wandered into the wilderness, surviving for the next four years in the sheer wild, casting aside her human like nature for a more animalistic one. Survival was right, but at a cost.

Wandering into a town, she met the man once more. And from there, battle ensued, as she escaped in one whole piece. However, he had gotten the upper hand : with dark words, he had cast a curse on her. Unsure of the nature of this curse, she prefers to keep to herself, blinding her eyes from the light and waits for the day where she and the man will meet again. For the day fate would bless her.. she longed for the day.

For the story had just begun..

| Other Stats |
Theme || Obsession by See-Saw
Posting Color || Crimson
Face Claim || Rider from Fate/Stay Night
X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ [url=]X[/url] ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X ~ X

''It flows like a river : but I am the rock jutting out, ready to catch the unwary traveler that thought to brave over me.''

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Vera Senka
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