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 Elipidius Elisud Herceg II

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PostSubject: Elipidius Elisud Herceg II   October 7th 2010, 1:57 am

Name: Elipidius Elisud Herceg II

Age: 20

Race: Human male

Gender: Male

Home World: Paramacia

Alignment: Neutral-Good / Lawful-Good

Appearance: Eli as he is called by his close friends/family is a fit human male with medium length blond hair (for a male) and piercing slate grey eyes. Despite excessive physical training in sunlight, Eli's skin remains very pale and does not tan well. His body is well toned and muscular such as would be for a martial artist, swimmer or 'football' (soccer for americans) player.


Elisud Hereceg

Class: Knight

SubClass: White Mage


Mastered: Holy/Light
Secondary: Fire
Tertiary: Non-Element

Fighting Style: Eli combines both spell-crafting and sword-play into his fighting style making him adept and competent at both short and long range. As knights are trained in a myriad of weapons from swords, staves, axes, pole-arms and blunt-arms for close combat situations and are adequate at the use of bows, cross-bows and javelins for medium range fighting; Elisud feels most comfortable at these close-quarters situations. For long-range fights however, Eli will use his latent magical talents to best his enemies. Unleashing powerful fire element and non-elemental spells on his adversaries while keeping himself at peak fighting capacity through healing.

Affinities: Elisud has an eye for architecture, swordsmanship styles, weapon-forging and many other sundry skills (such as swimming and trapping) which allow him to be very capable at wilderness survival. These traits come from studying under his father who was once a Captain of the Cornelian guard during his time. A feat which Elisud hopes to one day repeat.

Good Qualities: Elisud is a very honest, caring and chivalrous individual. He takes great effort to ensure that his partners and allies are always at their peak capacity and such has spent many years perfecting white-magic artes.

Bad Qualities: Spells come in 'twos', Elisud has slowly begun mastery of the white-magic arte but has been lacking in the black magic department (something he wishes to correct). Although he has his summons to fill the gap - a battle at long range could easily drain him of his magical resources. Additionally, Elisud is honest to a fault, a feature which can come off as rude to people he does not know well. However, his actions always have the best intentions.

Personality: Elisud dislikes crowds and large numbers of people. He begins to put on a 'mask' during large social engagements that is much more polite than he actually is otherwise. When in one-on-one or in a comfortable conversation with friends, Eli is much more blunt and to-the-point. He is a problem solver and can be insensitive dis-regarding the emotional consequences of certain actions.

Appearance: Elisud wears durable light armor such as mythril or silver mail which allows him to move easily thus maintaining speed and acrobatic abilities as mobility and preservation go hand-in-hand. Beneath his armor, he generally wears bright red clothing (fitting of nobility) with golden trimmings and embroidery. Elisud's clothes are always well-tailored and made of fabrics which do not dirty easily. Even while adventuring he must always look presentable (says his mother).


Elipidius Elisud Herceg II is the son of Elipidius Herceg and Katherine Bellemonte-Herceg two noble families brought together by marriage. Originally living in the desert province of 'Lore' (not a FF thing) Elisud grew up amidst some of the most capable blade-masters of Paramacia. As Desert monsters are known for their great physical and magical resistances, the city-guard of Lore trained long and hard to perfect piercing weapons to defend themselves. These weapons were then turned to the desert stone which transformed Lore from a 'desert settlement' to a great architectural capitol. The well-built walls of Lore, originally designed to prevent monsters from entering the city were inspected by architects throughout Paramacia for their awe-inspiring beauty and captivating arches.

This, along with the high-quality stone being exported from Lore made the city rise to power in the eye of many other smaller settlement cities. Thus, the ruling family of Lore was granted Duke-dom in recognition of their great prosperity.

As an infant, Elipidius lived through the revolution that his grand-father Elisud Herceg had brought to Lore during his final years as a Baron. After the Herceg had been 'promoted' from baron to duke in title - Elipidius the First came to power and began expanding upon his father's work. Using resources brought in by the quarries, Elipidius expanding the city of Lore to the 'inner capitol' and the 'outer provinces' making a near-circular city with the original walls of the city forming the buffer between the two. Elipidius also became much more strict with guard training, ensuring each and every guard was capable of adequately fighting off the local wildlife and aiding injured citizens in case of an emergency.

Now, as a young man - the heir to Lore and son of the Duke, Elipidius seeks to expand his horizons through traveling to other countries (worlds) before taking up his father's mantle and furthering the hard work and dedications of two generations before him.

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Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Gaia
Maximum AP: 2000

PostSubject: Re: Elipidius Elisud Herceg II   October 7th 2010, 2:13 am

Approved but don't talk too much about this Lore place. Ok?


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Gil: 500
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PostSubject: Re: Elipidius Elisud Herceg II   September 3rd 2011, 12:33 pm

As per Lightning's allowance of changing the character traits, I have changed Elisud from a Knight/Summoner to a Knight/White Mage to make him more 'paladin-like'.

Fighting style has also been edited to fit with this description.

If there are any problems please tell me xP
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Rinoa Heartilly


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PostSubject: Re: Elipidius Elisud Herceg II   September 3rd 2011, 6:25 pm

Everything looks good to me



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PostSubject: Re: Elipidius Elisud Herceg II   

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Elipidius Elisud Herceg II
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