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 Because I was molested into doing this.

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Gil: 500
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PostSubject: Because I was molested into doing this.   March 19th 2011, 1:04 am

The scene of all this madness was a apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a small living room, this place was owned by two very strange roomies for one was a hero the other was a villain.......but the icing on the cake was..........they are brothers too. *punches corny comedy tv music away* The older and more mature brother is none other than the Villain and nearly destroyer of Gaia known as Kuja, the younger less mature brother is the genome thief hero of Gaia known as Zidane.

Now to answer your question as to why they are sharing a home together is that after the Iifa tree incident near the end of the game where everyone thought Kuja had died.......well the truth was he was only near death and would of died without Zidane's help. With the younger brother's help Kuja was able to be brought to the black mage village and healed up and recovered thus saving his life, the only reason Zidane was still there was to help keep an eye on his older brother to make sure he doesn't try to kill anyone.

Now lets see just what sort of chaos will be happening today for the duo..........the day was Gaia's equivalent of Sunday and just like Earth's version it was a rather lazy day for the world, Kuja was sitting in the living room reading a nice book about plays enjoying his life for once. Sadly Zidane wouldn't leave the peace as it was for he had woken up a few hours before his older brother for a reason, so only after Kuja gotten three pages into his book did he suddenly have a Chocobo crash through the roof and land right in front of him causing him to jump back in shock. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF TERRA!?!"

He soon saw it was a golden chocobo and on its back was his brother Zidane rubbing his head softly as younger one said "Ow ow ow ow ow......Choco we really need to teach you how to land better...." 'Kweh!' "Ya ya I guess I should be happy you can fly at all buddy.....where did we land anyway?" Kuja by now was shaking with rage at this as he was not happy in the least to have his reading time ruined like this and yelled "ZIDANE WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING!?!?" "Huh?......Oh hey bro what you doing here and why you covered in dust....." "....THIS IS OUR HOUSE YOU TWIT, YOU CRASHED THROUGH THE ROOF AND GOT DUST ALL OVER THE PLACE!?!? HOW DID YOU DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?" bellowed Kuja as he was red as could be from rage.

Zidane looked around for a little bit not bothered by his brother's temper and then said "Huh.....your right......weird I was trying to land in the girls side of the bath house.......but all the houses in this village are the same. Sorry about that." "..........You was going to do........WHAT!?!?" by now Kuja's left eye was twitching and magical energy was gathering around him. Zidane just now learned of his mistake and said "Uhhh I mean I was trying to land beside our house and not do anything perverted at all.......yep" "I'm going to have roasted Chocobo tonight......." "......Uhhhhh..............*grabs a dead pepper and shoves it into Choco's mouth8 UP UP AND AWAY!!!" yelled Zidane just before Choco took off like a rock through the hole in the roof before Kuja could blast them.

Kuja rushed to where they were and looked up at their fleeing form and screamed at the sky "YOU'LL HAVE TO COME BACK AT SOME POINT ZIDANE, YOUR DAMNABLE PORN IS STILL HERE!" it was then that a Black Mage known as Mr. 88 walked into the building and saw the destruction and and angry Kuja. He then said "....Kuja why did you blast a hole in your roof?" "...I.......but...........he........." said a flustered kuja before covering his face and grumbling a slight bit as he said with a sigh ".......I must of been insane to have revived that brother of mine......" Poor Kuja would have a lot of work to do for a while now.......


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Rinoa Heartilly


Character Information
Gil: 500
Home World: Balamb
Maximum AP: 2500

PostSubject: Re: Because I was molested into doing this.   March 19th 2011, 1:06 am


I wish I could draw this into a comic strip! PRICELESS!!!


Siggy courtesy of Fang!

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Because I was molested into doing this.
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