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 Dark Shuriken

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PostSubject: Dark Shuriken   November 10th 2008, 6:19 pm

Name: Dark Shuriken

Description & Effect: The first thing that Kaze must do to call this shuriken is to collect the darkness that can be found on the enviroment, and when that happens, all the darkness goes to Kaze's hand and indmideatly take the form of a shuriken, with sharp blades and of the size of a hand. Then, Kaze must launch it to his foe like a normal shuriken, and this spell arrives faster at its target. The spell gaves 50% of phisical damage and 50% of dark damage to the foe, and its not really easy to avoid. It works good against holy creatures, but it heals the undead foes and its not recomendable to use this to fight them.

Cost: 20

Class: Offensive

Element: Darkness

Range: Long ranged

Duration: 1 post.

History: The spell was obtained after he became the Emperor of the World of Balance. When he get to the throne, he quickly managed to know that most of the last Emperors that the world had used a good amount of dark spells to protect themselves against enemies or just to prove that they were worth of the throne, and they all have left the way to make their spells writen on a certain book, that could only be opened by the current Emperor. Meanwhile Kaze was cheking the book, he got attracted by a spell called "Dark Shuriken", that it was created by a ninja Emperor that rules the world 100 years ago. That was the first spell that he wanted to do, and in some weeks he managed to use the techique at perfection, showing once again his skills and adding more power to his body with it.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Shuriken   November 10th 2008, 7:32 pm

Hmmm well for such a low count it woudl do little damage so eh fine with me. Approved.


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Dark Shuriken
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