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 Unlimited Phoenix

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PostSubject: Unlimited Phoenix   October 20th 2010, 7:44 pm

Name: Unlimited Phoenix (Or just Phoenix)

Type: Fire


Fire Ball: The Phoenix charges for some seconds fire in its mouth, and the fire starts taking the shape of a sphere. When the sphere made of fire is completed, the Phoenix launches the fire ball to the enemy, dealing a medium amount of fire damage to that foe, and also leaving the enemy with burnings on its body. The Fire Ball is fast, but not really powerful.

Flaming Wings: The wings of the Phoenix are suddenly covered in a great fire, and it flies to the foe, making its body to spin and with that covering the rest of its body with fire, attacking the enemy with medium fire and phisical damage.

Kamikaze: This can be done at the exact moment that the Phoenix comes out from the Magun or in the middle of the battle. In the firsts situation the Phoenix is shot to the enemy, going at a high speed to him and making a big explosion, using its own body as a bomb. In the second situation, the Phoenix does the same thing, but it is a bit less powerful. In neither of both the Phoenix dies, but it must retreat from the battle at the next post...

Cost: 100 MP

Description: The color of the metal of the Phoenix is a combination of yellow and red, with some white parts on it. The head of the phoenix looks like the head of an ordinary bird, except that there is a great fire comming from a hole that it have on the back part of the head. Its neck is really large, and the body seems to be a bit small for the other parts of the body. Its wings are totally red, with some white parts on it. Instead of feathers, it have another great fire on the wings, someone that gives it propulsion to fly at a great speed through the sky. The Phoenix does not have feets, the bottom part of the phoenix ends into something that looks like a sharp claw. Thats all the description that I can give of the Phoenix. About the attacks, I already described it on the "Attacks" thing...
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Rinoa Heartilly


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PostSubject: Re: Unlimited Phoenix   October 20th 2010, 8:54 pm

I remember seeing this in action during the Christmas event!! ^^

Everything looks "ship-shape", Kaze!! ((piratey lingo XDD))



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Unlimited Phoenix
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